Mailbag Week 9

Malcom Floyd or Stevie Johnson? * Now that Vernon Davis has been traded, is he worth a pick up? * Jameis Winston becoming a decent QB option? * Is Jeremy Langford worth a flex? * Can we trust Barnidge if Manziel starts?


Malcom Floyd or Stevie Johnson? (@stekakeu)

The Chargers lost their top wide receiver Sunday, Keenan Allen. The dilemma now, is who will fill in? Well, based off of recent production the front runner appears to be Malcom Floyd. Scoring 21 points in NFL standard last week. Stevie Johnson has been battling injuries lately, he did play the last 3 quarters though. He only managed 28 yards and 0 TDs.

With Rivers throwing a ridiculous amount of passes, both of these guys could have no problems producing solid fantasy numbers. Target both these guys. In terms of who you should start, I would trust recent history and go with the deep threat Malcom Floyd.

Now that Vernon Davis has been traded, is he worth a pick up? (@steve2duhO)

Vernon Davis just went from 2-6, to 7-0. He was traded to the Broncos this week before the trade deadline. This increased his stock, but not by a large amount, just yet anyway. Peyton Manning in recent years has loved is TE Julius Thomas. But when he lost him to the Jaguars this offseason he basically ignored the TE position altogether. That’s what isn’t very encouraging, but Vernon Davis has the potential to be what Julius Thomas was to Peyton. He doesn’t have to be a Jimmy Graham, or Gronk, or even Tyler Eifert. He just needs to be what Julius Thomas was. If he can do that, he will thrive in Denver.

Vernon is worth a stash or spot start if you really need a TE. But as of now he is still considered to be a low end TE option. He does have the opportunity to really thrive in Denver. Keep an eye on him.

Jameis Winston becoming a decent QB option? (@Matteyedoc)

Jameis Winston has had a fairly good rookie year to this point. He has shown a lot of potential for his future in real terms and fantasy terms. Though he does seem to make the typical rookie mistakes routinely. When those are corrected Winston really could be like a Cam Newton type player in this league.

Winston’s fantasy production hasn’t been amazing but it has been consistent, in NFL standard scoring between 14-20 points in 5 of his 7 games. Those are numbers that can help you get by a tough bye week or fill in for a short term injury. He gives you a chance to win. Not an every week starter, but a consistent spot start. Would give him a look against NYG this week.

Is Jeremy Langford worth a flex? (@captkirk80) (@squeeze310)

Forte went down last week, opening the door for Jeremy Langford. He put up pretty decent numbers against a tough defense, 12 carries 46 yards. He plays a very weak run defense in San Diego this week. I see this as a potential breakout game for Langford. Also, Forte is expected to miss 2 weeks, Langford plays two very weak defenses over those two games.

Langford is an excellent flex option this week, even a decent RB2 if you need it. Make sure you pick him up if he hasn’t been already.

Can we trust Barnidge if Manziel starts? (@heyitstony_2) (@bryce_walker1)

McCown has made Barnidge a household name. Now that Manziel (who only targeted Barnidge once in his only start) is starting, can we trust Barnidge? I am going to say yes. The Bengals have been getting torched by TE’s lately. Heath Miller, previously mediocre fantasy production, caught for 105 yards. The Browns almost certainly have noticed that, expect Barnidge to be featured heavily in the Browns game plan.

Barnidge will continue to be a high end TE going into week 9 on Thursday night.



 fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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