Mailbag Week 10

With Dion Lewis injured, who is going to play alongside Blount? * Starks time in Green Bay? * What are some week 10 defenses to stream? * Who should I replace Andrew Luck with this week? * Is Antonio Brown worth a start even though Big Ben is out this week?


With Dion Lewis injured, who is going to play alongside Blount? (@Djkahnsworth) (@vliedekerke)

The NFL has had a disgustingly bad year of injuries. Teams who were prepared with the next man up type of mentality are surviving. Others, not so much. That said, who is the next man up in the Patriots backfield?

The two candidates are Brandon Bolden and James White. The Patriots have a two back system, a heavy lifting running back who does the dirty work, and a passing catching speed back. Bolden is more of a backup to Blount (Heavy lifter) than he is too Lewis (pass catcher), as White is the guy who will more than likely take over the pass catching role. While both should see increases in production, White is the leading candidate to fill in Lewis’ role.

Starks time in Green Bay? (@joshharrelson) (@davis1142) (@giants316)

With Lacy struggling with everything from Weight problems, and Injuries to just overall production, Starks has fairly quietly been putting up solid numbers in a pretty consistent fashion. The Green Bay coaching staff has acknowledged this and is feeding Starks.

Lacey will still be there, but Starks is producing enough to fill a flex or even RB2 if you need it. As for Lacey, the tables appear to be turning, and rather fast. I don’t think you can trust him at this point. Even against the Lions this week.

What are some week 10 defenses to stream? (@jaymzdonner) (@thegeneralbear)

Baltimore Ravens – They play the Jaguars this week. Defenses have scored the second most points against them.

Kansas City Chiefs – Last time the Chiefs played the Broncos they lost 24-31, yet they still scored 11 fantasy points. Peyton Manning is still struggling, and so is that offensive line.

Oakland Raiders –The Vikings still have Adrian Peterson, but if Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t play then I expect a potential big game. If not, you should come away with a decent outing at the least. Oakland has done solid against their good matchups in the past.

Who should I replace Andrew Luck with this week? (@mattyeyedoc) (@T_drizzle619)

To be clear, we are looking solely on week 10 and not the rest of the season. Waiver Adds has you covered for that.

First, if Joe Flacco isn’t owned in your league and you just lost Luck, he is the guy I would target for this week. He is only owned in 75%.

Looking at some sleepers, Jameis Winston vs Dallas is a great option, Dallas is weak and the secondary is very shaky. Also Winston has been very consistent the past 3-4 weeks.

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Buffalo. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been very solid this season and Buffalos secondary has proven to be weak. With a great WR core, I expect him to do well.

Is Antonio Brown worth a start even though Big Ben is out this week? (@jpezzy33) (@thegeneralbear)

Brown is coming off a huge game. I don’t know how you could sit a guy like that after a game like that. He makes plays. He isn’t the type of WR like a Terrance Williams where he looks good because of the good plays his QB (Tony Romo) makes. Brown makes his own plays. We saw that when he took a short Pass from Landry all the way down the field, late in the game.

Brown’s matchup is pretty average (CLE). I would be starting him unless you really have some serious WR depth. No reason to bench him.



 fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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