Wicked Waiver Adds for Week 11

I am so sorry I missed you all last week.  I actually had technical difficulties.   The good news is, I am back.   Is anyone shocked that the older Manning brother looks like crap and the younger Manning brother looks like money in the bank.   Oh how glad I am that I own some Eli stock.  That passing offense simply looks good.



Hasselbeck (4% owned in Yahoo) – Has 3 TDs, no interceptions and 495 yards in his two spot starts this season for the Colts.   He is taking over for Luck and has some good weapons.  Also, unlike Luck he is healthy.  Worth a bye week fill in against Atlanta.

Jay Cutler (40% owned in Yahoo) – If I were a Manning owner (Eli is on a bye and Peyton looks done) I would probably pick up gun slinger Jay and plug him in this week.   He has 2045 yards, 13 TDs and only 5 interceptions on the season.  His only really bad game was one he got hurt in.  Always under rated because people simply don’t like him, he always seems to produce.


Danny Amendola (32% owned in Yahoo) – Danny boy is the number 1 pick up this week. If you do not know who Danny is, that is because he is another 5′ 9″ white wide receiver playing for the Patriots. They seem to like this type of little shifty guy in the slot, and they always seem to produce in New England.  I think they run around the snow flakes or something like that.  The Pats are hurting at skill positions and it appears Danny is healthy and ready to earn his money.  I would take him with my first waiver priority.  He is looking at 10 or more targets per game the rest of the fantasy season.   PPR gold is here.  This guy may win you a championship in PPR leagues.

Jamison Crowder (9% owned in Yahoo) – In PPR leagues this is someone I would consider playing as a bye week fill in.  He is getting looks and yards.   I am not overly thrilled but hey, picking are slim sometimes.

If you are desperate there is Nate Washington and Doug Baldwin, but you are looking at inconsistent production at best.


What no year ending injury to a top tier running back this week?  Are you kidding me?  I watched my own team get ravaged week in and week out by top running backs going down.  What ever will we do?

Ameer Abdullah (54% owned is Yahoo) – starting to get touches again. So if you are needy and lets face it if you are reading this you are needy.

Dexter McCluster (16% owned in Yahoo) – OK I really can believe this guy is even rostered on that many teams or that I am writing about him.  Again is you are needy, grab him and play him in PPR.  I would say PPR only though.

Matt Jones (48% owned in Yahoo) – This guy is actually owned in every league I play in.  So the fact that it is less than 50% of leagues is shocking to me.  He is going to start getting the ball more and more as it appears Washington is done with Alfred.   I would add at will with him and see what happens.


Crocket Gilmore (13% owned in yahoo) – Someone has to catch the ball for the Ravens.  There is high volume and he can catch.  His role is increasing to the tune of 4 reception and a TD last week.  I would pick him up if I needed a TE.


Tennessee – Gets Jacksonville

Kansas City – Playing San Diego and has been looking pretty good lately.


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