DFS Week 11 Picks

Welcome to my weekly DFS value picks.  This is where I offer a list of players that according to their price and usage in their systems (targets and overall touches), are the best options to bring you high production at the lowest price, making them great value picks.  I will not be advising you to use the “Top Tier” players, as they are the players everybody knows about.  If you haven’t played DFS before, you want to pair a couple of these great value players with the more expensive players that you know will come through with great numbers week in and week out, to give you the highest point total possible and ideally give you a chance to win some cash!  Draft King prices are annotated by the DK next to the price  and FanDuel are FD. So with that being said, let’s get it started!

Below are the players that I advised for you to use last week broken down into “Hits” and “Misses”. If a player score 3 times their value, they are a “Hit”. EX: $4,000 x 3 =12pts. This player would be considered a “Hit”. There were 13 Hits and 16 Misses for those of y’all keeping score at home.

R. Fitzpatrick – 193PaY,2TD,2INT,30RuY K. Cousins – 324RuY,4TD
K. Williams – 24RuY,1Cth, 26ReY, 1TD L. Miller – 43RuY,6Cths, 50ReY,1TD
E. Decker – 6Cths, 85ReY, 1TD J. Starks– 42RuY,6Cths,54ReY
E. Manning – 361PaY,2TD, 1INT,10RuY M. Evans -8Cths,126ReY
D. Carr – 302PaY,2TD, 2INT, 12RuY B. Cooks –5Cths,98ReY,2TD,11RuY
B. Bortles –188PaY, 2TD, 1INT,25RuY J. Reed – 3Cths,29ReY,2TD
C. Gillmore –4Cths,42ReY,1TD  


C. Ivory – 99RuY,2Cths,36ReY,1Fmbl A. Jeffrey – 3Cths,23ReY
A.Dalton – 197PaY, 1INT, 30RuY A. Robinson – 5Cths,51ReY, 1TD
M. Ingram – 77RuY, 3Cths,21ReY R. Cobb – 5Cths,53ReY
J. Forsett – 53RuY, 4Cths, 11RuY M. Crabtree – 4Cths,55ReY
D. Martin –63RuY,4Cths,40ReY J. Jones – 0Cths
D.McFadden – 32RuY,3Cths,26ReY W. Snead – 0Cths
T.J Yeldon –61RuY,5Cth,6ReY P. Garcon – 2Cths, 10ReY
D. Johnson – 10RuY,4Cths,18ReY D. Green-Beckham – 0Cths


I like to say that the Misses didn’t perform bad, they just ran out of time to perform better. My worst week yet! Gots to do better. With that being said, let’s move on to Week 11!



Blake Bortles vs Tenn ($5,900DK – $7,500FD) – Tennessee will be missing 2 of their top 4 DBs and Bortles has thrown at least 2TDs in his last 5 games.

Marcus Mariota vs Jax ($5,300DK – $7,100FD) – The Jags have allowed the 7th most fantasy points to QBs this season. With Mariota’s running ability, he should have no problem giving you value.


None of the RBs are worth using.


Allen Hurns vs Tenn ($5,800DK – $7,500FD) – Hurns has scored a TD in 7 weeks, I believe he will get one this week as well.

Dorial Green – Beckham vs Jax ($3,200DK – $5,500FD) – Kendall Wright is out, Justin Hunter is on IR. DGB will start getting more targets, they should start coming this week.


Delanie Walker vs Jax ($4,800DK – $5,700FD) – Mariota’s security blanket, Walker’s solid stats should continue this week.


None of the D/STs are worth using.




Phillip Rivers vs K.C ($6,900DK – $8,300FD) – K.C has been better against the pass as of late,but with the Chrages running game problems and Rivers chucking it 50+ a game, stats will be there.

Cam Newton vs Wash ($6,900DK – $8,600FD) – His lack of passing yards is aided by his running stats. He should be able to do well in both categories against Washington.

Derek Carr vs Det ($6,300DK – $7,700FD) – Carr has thrown for 1,225 yards and 13 TDs his past 4 games. There is no reason to believe the Lions will keep him from putting up good numbers.


Matthew Stafford vs Oak ($5,400DK – $7,000FD) – Stafford has thrown for over 300 yards just once this season. But playing Oakland, who have allowed five 300 yard passers this season, and his price are good enough reasons to give Stafford a shot.

Brock Osweiler vs Chi ($5,000DK – $6,000FD) – The Broncos may try to keep Brock from losing the game, but all he needs is 200PaY and 2TDs to give you value for his price.

Case Keenum vs Bal ($5,000DK – $4,800FD) – They may ride Gurley all game, but Foles had opportunities to put up nice stats still and so will Keenum against the Ravens D.


Lamar Miller vs Dal ($6,200DK – $7,400FD) – Dallas is 30th against RBs. Miller has a TD in 5 straight games and is averaging 6Cths a game in his last 3.


Latavius Murray vs Det ($5,600DK – $7,400FD) – Detroit is 28th against the run and Latavius is the workhorse in this backfield. He had 5Cths last week which was his highest total since he had 7 in week 1.

James Starks vs Min ($5,300DK – $6,200FD) – The offensive line has struggled to clear the way for the offense lately, but Jame’s involvement in the passing game helps his stats a lot, he has 14Cths his last 3 games.

Danny Woodhead vs K.C ($5,300DK – $6,400FD) – K.C is good against RBs, but you are using Woodhead for his receiving numbers as he has 19Cths in his last 3 games.

Darren McFadden vs Mia ($5,000DK – $6,800FD) – McFadden is averaging 24 carries in his last 4 games and with Romo back, he should see more open space to run.

Charcandrick West vs S.D ($4,500DK – $7,100FD) – West is starting to pick up his game and against the Chargers soft run defense, the great stats should continue.



Demaryius Thomas vs Chi ($7,300DK – $7,700FD) – Many may refrain from using DT due to the change at QB, but if you’re a new QB and you have to throw and DT is standing right there, I bet you’re gonna throw it to him. Well, so will Brock.

Mike Evans vs Phi ($7,300DK – $8,000FD) – Evans will continue to get almost all the targets against the Eagles and will put up great numbers this week.

Jarvis Landry vs Dal ($6,700DK – $7,200FD) – Jarvis is averaging 8Cths per game his last 3 games, a player that many people forget about, he could pay dividends for your team at his price.

Michael Crabtree vs Det ($6,000DK – $6,500FD) – The Oakland vs Lions game should see plenty of points and Cooper still sees the better DB. Crabtree should be able to produce this week.



Eric Decker vs Hou ($5,800DK – $7,000FD) – Decker has at least 6Cths and 60ReY in his last 4 games and scored a TD in 3 of those 4 games. Continue using him at his low price!

Kamar Aiken vs STL ($4,800DK – $5,900FD) – Aiken had 14 targets last week, of off sheer volume alone, Aiken will be worth his price.

Davante Adams vs Min ($4,600DK – $6,800FD) – PPR monster the last 2 weeks with 17Cths, he is getting heavy targets and at this price that’s money!

Brandon Lafell vs Buff ($4,300DK – $6,900FD) – Edelman’s targets have to go somewhere, I bet Lafell gets a fair share.

Danny Amendola vs Buff ($4,000DK – $6,100FD) – Amendola should take over Edlema’s role, so take advantage while his price is still low!



Stevie Johnson vs K.C ($3,900DK – $5,600FD) – Malcolm Floyd is out so Stevie Johnson now falls bhind Agates for targets on an offense that throws close to 50 times a game.

Wes Welker vs Bal ($3,000DK – $5,200FD) – First game of the season for Welker, he sees 6 targets. His role in the offense should grow.


Antonio Gates vs K.C ($4,800DK – $5,900FD) – Gates is now the focus of the passing attack for S.D. Hopefully he got healthy during his bye week, cause he should see plenty of targets from now on.

Jacob Tamme vs Ind ($3,600DK – $5,300FD) – Tamme is becoming MRyan’s second receiving option evident by Tamme’s 16Cths his last 2 games.

Crockett Gilmore vs STL ($3,300DK – $5,300FD) – Flacco doesn’t have a lot of receiving options, Gilmore may be behind Aiken in catches from here on out.



Carolina vs Wash ($3,400DK – $4,900FD) – Cousins will more than likely come back down to earth against the Panthers.

NYJ vs Hou ($3,000DK – $4,700FD) – TJ Yates may be the QB on Sunday, NYJ should take advantage.

Hou vs NYJ ($2,500DK – $4,500FD) – Houston shut down a lot more powerful offense than the Jets when they played Cincinnati, could do some damage against the Jets.

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Good luck with your picks this week.  If I helped you win, you’re welcome!  If I helped you lose, you just didn’t use the right combination of guys I gave you.  HAHAHAHAHA #GetAtMe


fantasyreaList Writer: Javier Martinez



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