Mailbag Week 11

What’s your take on Brock Osweiler? * Antonio Andrews still worth it? * Jay Ajayi worth an add? * When will Vernon Davis show up? * Sleeper defenses for week 11?

What’s your take on Brock Osweiler? (@chucks93)

By now, everyone should have dropped Peyton Manning. It’s over guys. Brock Osweiler will be replacing the injured and old Peyton Manning. So, can Brock Osweiler be successful? Let’s take a look at his most recent game (last week). He threw for 146 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. He wasn’t amazing but I think he showed enough promise to warrant a look on your waiver wire. He has two great weapons in Thomas and Sanders. He will lack a run game, but in certain cases (especially against a weak defense) that can work in a QB’s favor (in terms of Fantasy points).

So, obviously most leagues will more than likely have a better QB option. But Osweiler isn’t the worst out there. Especially with the weapons he has.

Antonio Andrews still worth it? (@ilocanoedjun) (@cjgonz16)

Antonio Andrews had a couple of solid weeks leading up to last week. He had been announced as a “work horse back” and everyone thought he was a solid waiver add. But, Andrews was basically exposed last week. He isn’t starter material. He was made to look good by his offensive line and very poor defensive play by his opposition. Pretty disappointing, but maybe this opens the door for someone else in the Titans backfield. Such as David Cobb?

Would avoid Andrews. Stash Cobb. Could be big if he gets a shot.

Jay Ajayi worth an add? (@giantbena)

The Dolphins rookie running back had been struggling with injuries for all of this season, but he had somewhat of a breakout performance with 46 yards and a TD, on only 6 touches. Ajayi will remain behind Miller, but he could be a nice sleeper for some deeper leagues. He s explosive and could vulture some TDs. His carries will more than likely stay in the 8-12 range, which limits his ceiling.

You never know with all these injuries and underperforming players, Jay Ajayi could end up being a steal if not now, watch him next year in your draft. Miller owners and dynasty leagues should seriously consider Ajayi right now.

When will Vernon Davis show up? (@mjt0822)

Vernon Davis was held too 2 catches against KC and only played 35% of snaps. Even he was surprised at the low volume of snaps he was allowed. None the less, soon Vernon Davis should be handed the No.1 TE role. It could be as early as this week. Whenever the coaches feel like he has had enough time to adjust is what I’m guessing.

So, until then I would try and find another TE if possible, if not just hope Vernon gets that uptick in snaps sooner rather than later.

Sleeper defenses for week 11? (@B_mullins_45)

Buccaneers @PHI – Tampa Bay has been able to score solid points against teams that are very similar to the Eagles, teams that went down to the wire with them. Such as Dallas, Atlanta, and Washington.

Jaguars vs TEN – Early on this season the Jaguars defense was mediocre. Lately they have hit their stride, scoring 35 points in their past 3 games. They face a weak Titans Offense this week.

Chiefs @SD – Kansas City’s defense has been stellar lately. I would not hesitate to start them in fantasy against anyone right now.


 fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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