What We Learned on Week 11


In case you slept through the weekend and didn’t see any football, here are the cliff notes to Week 11. A weekly player analysis to help you figure out what to do with some of your players this week.


Cam Newton (CAR): Cam is playing like a real elite fantasy quarterback. He doesn’t have a lot of passing yards but has been scoring a lot: 20 passing touchdowns and 6 rushing TDs. With a solid running game and one of the best defenses in the league, Newton has looked very good this season even without his stud WR Kelvin Benjamin. Next year he could be a second round fantasy pick.

Brock Osweiler (DEN): This huge quarterback had a nice debut as a NFL starter. Without Peyton on the mix, Kubiak was able to run the offense as he likes it and Brock played very well. He won’t get a ton of points, but with a multiple TE formation and the running game having success, Osweiler could score 15 fantasy points per game. Nice spot start.

Running Backs

Thomas Rawls (SEA): This rookie is looking every week as the ideal replacement going forward. The kid is a beast as well (“baby-beastmode”), did you see him pass through that 49ers defender without clinching? Rawls has a very favorable system and all the skill-sets to succeed in Seattle. If Lynch requires surgery, Rawls could become the steal of the waiver wire as legit RB1.

Doug Martin (TB): After two bad years, Dougie is back to his old self. Not only he is third among RBs, but he is one of only two players to have already rushed for over 800 yards (the other one is Adrian Peterson, no big deal right?). Martin is running hard as hell and giving the team balance, offensively at least.

Spencer Ware (KC): Doesn’t matter who starts at the running back position in Kansas City, he will succeed and be at least a high RB3 in fantasy. Keep an eye on West’s status and make sure to add Ware on your roster as insurance if you are a Shark owner.

Darren McFadden (DAL): This Dallas OLine is showing it’s value. He’s had 3 of 5 starting games with 100+ rushing yards. There is no doubt that McFadden will produce, at least as an RB2, now with Romo and Dez on the mix.

Roonie Hillman (DEN): He’s gaining value since the Broncos reported that Manning will miss “at least” 2 more weeks.” That means a lot of two TE formations, a lot of running plays from the i formation and probably a lot of production for Hillman.

Justin Forsset (BAL)/Charcandrick West (KC)/Devonta Freeman (ATL): This season has been brutal for injuries so far, but we all must keep in mind that this beautiful sport is a very violent one and a lot of players go down every game. So like the pro teams, you need to be prepared for injuries; no matter if you have Peterson and Gurley, you shouldn’t stop trying to improve your RB core to be prepared for any bad situation.

Wide Receivers

James Jones (GB): After three awful games, the veteran came back big with 109 yards and a touchdown in the big win against the Vikings. Jones has a lot of history with Rodgers and valuable chemistry, however there are plenty of options for the Packers QB and if he can find another target he won’t hesitate to leave Jones behind. I would only trust him as a flex going forward.

DeSean Jackson (WSH): We all know what to expect from DeSean, but if you don’t here’s the deal: he is a great flex option with a lot of upside and high ceiling, but he also has a very low floor that could cost you. So if you can trade him away right now (and before the trade deadline) go ahead and take your chances.

Devin Funchess (CAR): In the past three games the rookie out of Michigan has been more involved in that Carolina’s offense (71 yards, 41 and 64). Plus he has looked very solid, taking advantage of his size and beating defenders by catching the ball at the highest point. I think he could be a valuable asset going forward since Newton trusts him enough in close and difficult plays.

Danny Amendola (NE): Only seven WRs received over 100 yards this week and Amendola was one of them. He is a valuable player and could fill the void Edelman left, but keep an eye on his status since he is dealing with a sprained knee.

Allen Robinson (JAX): A lot of people were able to get this stud in the 13th round (10 team leagues). Now he’s getting closer to breaking a franchise TD receiving record and has been a very consistent player: seven games with 10+ fantasy points and just one game below 6.8 points. At this point he is the sixth WR in receiving yards and in fantasy points.

Tight Ends

Tyler Eifert (CIN): This guy is killer in the redzone leading the NFL with 11 receiving touchdowns! He hasn’t been producing a lot of yards, but he is a TD machine in a powered offense. This is bad news for AJ Green owners, but Eifert has been playing off the charts.

Brent Celek (PHI): Looks like the only fantasy relevant players in Phily are the RB and the TE. Celek has two games in a row with 75+ receiving yards and if Zach Ertz misses at least one game, the veteran tight end could be a low TE1 this week.

Zach Miller (CHI): Martelus Bennett had a lot of preseason hype, but so far he has only two games with 6+ fantasy points and is dealing with an injury. With that said, there’s no surprise about Miller’s production and we could expect nice numbers from him unless Bennett shows Cutler he is worth being the TE1.


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