Mailbag week 13


Is Scott Chandler worth a flex if you already have a good TE? (@d_rizzle2012) (@goin_to_daship) (@_sports_land_) (@dillonnapier)

Week 13 of the NFL was another big week of injuries, the most notable of which coming from the TE position is Rob Gronkowski. Gronk will supposedly only miss 1 week. There were some more TE injuries such as Jimmy Graham who is now on IR and out for the season. Obviously this left everyone searching for a replacement. You can head over to waiver adds for more on replacements. But for now we must decide, is Scott Chandler, Gronk’s replacement, worth as much as a flex position for week 13?

As a TE2 in New England Chandler has managed 3 TDs this season. Nothing big on the stat sheet, but he has shown versatility in the absence of teammates Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, and Danny Amendola. Last Week in Denver the Patriots had Scott Chandler all over the field, even going out wide and playing as if he were a wide receiver. Something fairly popular amongst this new breed of TE’s (Gronk, Graham, Eifert, etc.) I anticipate Chandler will see plenty of action this week. While his matchup is not ideal, but he has the best QB in the league throwing to him, the best coach maximizing his ability, and plenty of playing time ahead of him.

If your league allows TEs in the flex, and you’re in need of a flex, Chandler is worth a look. If you need a TE, he should be your top priority for week 13.


Due to recent struggles, is Drew Brees a sit this week? (@sports_land_)

Drew Brees is known for lighting up the score board with tons of yards and plenty of TDs, so it’s hard to ever really sit all that potential. In recent weeks Brees has really been a nightmare for fantasy owners. Combining for 237 yards, 2 TDs, and 3 INTs. This week doesn’t look much better against the red hot, 11-0 Panthers. The saints have played the Panthers once this year already, although Brees did not play due to injury.

It’s always hard to sit Brees. I would only do it if you have a viable back up. Maybe you were lucky enough to have grabbed a guy like Palmer early on this season.

Top 3 sleepers for week 13? (@stekakeu) (@ilocanoedjun)

  1. Brandon Lafell – Is Tom Brady’s top deep ball option and faces a disgraceful Eagles defense. If he and Brady can connect on a deep ball, big numbers for Lafell could occur.
  1. Kamar Aiken – Has a great matchup and is the top option in a desperate Ravens offense.
  1. C.J. Anderson – Anderson seemed to have earned a few more carries last week at the least. He faces a horrible SD run D and should be in your lineup.


Forte or Langford? (@thegeneralbear)

Forte has been a great all-around player for the Bears for years now, he was having a pretty nice season before he got injured. That is where Langford came in and stole the show. He had a tremendous stretch of games with forte sidelined. Now days the two share the backfield and split carries. Who is the back to have though?

In terms of fantasy, the situation is less than ideal for owners. But none the less some people will still need to rely on these players. While both have almost equal potential, I would still count Forte as the back to have in Chicago, as he is still technically the starter and actually saw a few more carries than Langford last week. They both see goal line carries, Forte actually saw quite a few but couldn’t punch it in While Langford eventually did on a separate drive.

So it seems as if each have very similar value, with Forte maybe getting a slight edge due to experience and reliability.

What should I do about Dez Bryant since Romo is out for the season? (@charliewyman) (@bo_rock20)

With Romo out for the season, Matt Cassell is back starting for the Dallas Cowboys. This has implications on big money WR Dez Bryant. Is he still worth a start?

Most leagues have passed the trade deadline. If your league does not have one, by all means throw some trades out there. But for most of us this is more of start or sit deal. Dez Bryant has a great matchup this week @WAS. If you’re going to start him, this would be your best shot unless your league plays week 17, then that would be your best shot.

So for week 13, I would start Dez Bryant somewhere around a WR2. Next week is a little different. Dallas travels to Green Bay, where Dallas could be forced to pass a lot, which could help Bryant’s cause. But if you have options, maybe week 14 and beyond you should consider them.

fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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