Lord of the Fantasy Football Rings

Go with the Elves, trust the Dwarves, fear the Men and let you amaze by the Hobbits (Fantasy Football edition)

I know is late in the season, but I came out with this new idea to help you win your fantasy championship. I hope that you like The Lord of the Rings because I love it and I`m going to use it to help with your start/sit or love/hate.

First of all, you should know that this list is going to have races that fought against Sauron and allies in the Third Age on the “War of the Ring”, so no Orcs (or Goblins), Uruk-hais, Trolls, Nazguls nor Wargs. But I’m going to use them on other posts if you guys like this one.

Here you’ll find:

Elves: Those elite players that are beautiful and graceful playing football who make a difference in every battle and if you have them on your side, you should use them no matter what.


Dwarves: These are very strong players that if they decide to take your side on the battlefield, they will fight to death and never let you down without giving everything they’ve got. But once in a while they could decide to stay in their fortress and halls and leave you all alone to your own fate.

Men: The second sons of the creator Ilúvatar who were given the “Gift of Men” which make them mortals susceptible to aging and disease. They are greedy and won’t hesitate to betray you on crucial moments, especially if there is a complicated situation. However there is love in them and they could surprise, be careful with them tough. Try to keep them on your bench.


Hobbits: An unknown race that prefer to stay away of everyone else so they can live their boring life farming, eating and socializing.They look like a very predictable group of creatures but they can really surprise you once in a while.

Gollum (Sméagol): This former Hobbit that was consumed by the Ring of Power, but deep inside could be very helpful fighting against the evil forces.

After this brief introduction let’s talk about fantasy football:

Elves: Every week big-scorers like Tom Brady (NE), Cam Newton (CAR), Devonta Freeman (ATL), Adrian Peterson (MIN), DeAndre Hopkins (HOU), Antonio Brown (PIT), Rob Gronkowski (NE).


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


Tyrod Taylor (Bills): When healthy Taylor has shown a lot of skills and play-making ability. In his last two games he has over 26 fantasy points on each with 6 passing touchdowns, 1 rushing TD and the best of all no interceptions. In this juicy matchup against the Eagles, he could led you to the get back the Lonley Mountain like Thorin Oakenshield did.

Jameis Winston (Bucs): This rookie has more points than R.Tannehill, M.Ryan and even J.Cutler. Now he has available all of his best warriors and has a great matchup against a poor New Orleans defense that looks like an army commanded by lazy hobbits.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets): This guy not only looks like a dwarf with his stiffy body and his awesome beard, but has been playing like warrior even through a painful thumb injury. With Marshall and Decker on the vanguard and Ivory on the rear, Fitzmagic could use the Dwarves strength and defeat the Titans that allow 18+ points per game.

Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins): He has been playing like a Man, but this week has the opportunity to become a Dwarf against the defense that leads the NFL in passing yards allowed to their rivals.


Shaun Draughn (49ers): For a lot of people he is no more than a Hobbit, but in his four games as the starter has had at least 77 total yards on every game. This week plays the Browns that allow the most yards per game to RB in the entire league. With Draughn involved almost on every play, we could see a good fight from this guy as a flex option.

Jonathan Stewart (Panthers): He is eight among RB and some may consider him as an Elf, but he still has some moments when he decides to stay on his hole and only work on his handcraft running yards but staying out of the endzone. However he has a nice game against the Falcons and he should be very productive.

TJ Yeldon (Jaguars): He is a hard worker that has only three games with less than 8 points and he is a big part of the Jags offense. He will get the touches every week and has a good chance to use his strength to beat the Colts who have allowed 16+ fantasy points per game.


Sammy Watkins (Bills): The Eagles are the worst defense covering the WR and only in four games have allowed less than 20 points. Watkins is a great asset when he can get something out of it (good matchups) and this week he could help you get the precious Arkenstone in Philadelphia.

Allen Robinson (Jaguars): For me he is an Elf or at least a half-elven like Elrond, but that looks like an unpopular opinion since he was started barely over 50% of leagues in nfl.com. This week faces the Colts and he has the skillset to beat a top CB like Vontae Davis, please keep him on your lineup.

Doug Baldwin (Seahawks): I consider him as a Man on past weeks because I don’t feel comfortable on giving the Ring Barer role. However he proved my wrong in the last four games being the top WR in those weeks with 433 receiving yards and 6 TDs. Now he has a great matchup in Baltimore with Russell Wilson throwing the ball like an elite player.

Michael Floyd (Arizona): He has an average matchup but he brings a whole different set of skills in the Arizona passing attack; Larry is playing great in the slot and both J.Brown and JJ Nelson are running the deep routes with their killing speed. Floyd is a big strong target that will make paid the defender that tries to contain him on 1-on-1 coverage.


Tyler Eifert (Bengals): He is on this list because he was out with a neck injury last week. But he can play like an Elf especially on the redzone. Track his injury status and remember that if he plays for the Bengals, he plays for your team.



Derek Carr (Raiders): This guy has a lot of weapons but he has betrayed his fantasy owners in though matchups against Denver, Detroit and Kansas City. Don’t take the risk on giving him your trust so he could throw you to the Wargs and Orcs this week facing the toughest defense in the NFL on the road.

Matthew Stafford (Lions): When the matchup is good you can trust this guy, but this week plays a defense that allows less than 15 points per game and he could hurt you on the playoff race.

Matt Ryan (Falcons): Oh boy, a lot of us thought that Ryan could be like a Great Eagle that would have save you in tough situations like Gwaihir did with Gandalf saving him from Orthanc. But he has been a real disappointment and eve Kirk Cousins has more points than him. This situation could continue when he faces one of the toughest defenses of the NFL: Carolina Panthers.


Eddie Lacy (Packers): After two games with at least 100 rushing yards, I thought he was back to my side fighting the evil forces, but he betrayed me like Saruman did with Gandalf, joining Saruman’s army and creating the fearless Uruk-hais. So from here on out I’ll keep Lacy off my lineup.

Buck Allen (Ravens): He has been fighting like Boromir did in Gondor but this week could be possessed by the Rings’s will playing the dark “Legion of Boom” that is trying to dominate the NFL once again terrorizing their victims.

Antonio Andrews (Titans): Andrews hasn’t been productive as the starter and now has David Cobb breathing behind his neck. It won’t be a surprise if he gets benched or at least diminished to a backup role after struggling a tough Jets defense.

Jeremy Hill (Bengals): He has now three straight games with at least 10 points and he is looking like a reliable high-end RB3, but this week plays the Steelers that only have allowed three rushing touchdowns and his offense is maybe the best in the league, so the Bengals may be force to throw the ball a lot to stay on the fight.


James Jones (Packers): In his last six games he has only one with 6+ fantasy points and now is an awful option. I wouldn’t take the risk on starting him no matter the rival and I would drop him if there is someone better.

Amari Cooper (Raiders): The Broncos have shut down almost every WR they’ve played including players from the Ravens, Chiefs, Raiders, Packers, Patriots and Chargers. I don’t trust this rookie to have an impact performance this week.

Ted Ginn (Panthers): Newton is spreading the ball around way too much to trust any Carolina WR.

Kamar Aiken (Ravens): He is the best option in the passing game, but without his starting QB and facing the Seattle defense, I’d rather start a sleeper instead of him.

Hobbits: Remember that there are few braves Hobbits like Bilbo ,Frodo, Sam, Merry or Pippin.



Chris Polk (Texans): He could have steal the starting job from Alfred Blue, but we’ll see if that in fact is true.

Ameer Abdullah (Lions): The Lions are trusting a bit more in this little guy to handle the majority of the work and he has been productive and more important he has been taking good care of the ball.

Darren Sproles (Eagles): Some people call him the “little beast” and I think it’s a fair nickname since he is a very explosive player. Last week was the featured RB in the big win against New England and he looked like a better fit in the Chip Kelly’s system.

Isaiah Crowell (Browns): since week 5 he hasn’t been able to score 7+ fantasy points and Duke Johnson has been more productive. But this week he could awake versus the worst defense against RB in fantasy so far.

Giovani Bernard (Bengals): I talked about Hill above and how I don’t trust him, but Gio is mainly a change of pace kind of RB with big receiving ability. He could get a good amount of targets in a presumably high score game.


Rashad Greene (Jaguars): This little guy plays the slot very well and if his teammate Allen Hurns is out again, he could sneak another TD versus a weak Colts defense.

Marvin Jones (Bengals): AJ Green is the main concern of the opponent defense but Jones has the ability to make spectacular catches and to beat the defenders in deep routes.

Tyler Lockett (Seahawks): This rookie is pure speed and explosiveness and with Wilson throwing the ball a lot, he could see more targets and he is capable of make big plays.

DeVante Parker (Dolphins): If his teammate Rishard Matthews can’t suit up for the game against the Giants, Parker could be the outside WR and keep his hot streak of two games with at least 60 receiving yards and a TD.


Zach Miller (Bears): Marttelus Bennett is heading to the injury reserve so Miller can be a huge play this week.

Gollum: Charles Sims (Bucs): He is a good PPR player because of his catching involvement in the Tampa Bay offense. This week faces the Saints that have allowed the most receiving yards and TD to RB.




fantasyreaList Writer: Aldo Muriá




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