Mailbag week 14



Should I pick up C.J Spiller or Tim Hightower? (@natedawgg3) (@cajunengr)

Mark Ingram has a serious shoulder injury that could potentially keep him out for the season. That said, everybody is scrambling to the waiver wire for Ingram’s backups. Hightower and Spiller are the two candidates here and while everyone thought the veteran C.J. Spiller would be the back to have, it is now looking more and more like Tim Hightower (who previously filled in for Ingram vs WAS) is the back to have in New Orleans.

Both of these backs are going to be hot pickups this week on the waiver wire. Both should see more touches, both have increased value. It does appear as if Tim Hightower will be the back starting with Ingram out.



Is Todd Gurley worth starting this week? (@Goin_to_daship) (@_promigo)

Todd Gurley has officially hit the rookie wall. It isn’t really his fault though. His offense has been disgustingly slow, leaving little room for him to operate. With that said, this week the Rams will take on the Lions weak defense. Though the matchup is somewhat appealing, is he really worth it? Well, as usual, that all depends on your RB depth. If you’ve got it, you should seriously consider sending Gurley to the bench. Especially if you are a playoff team. If you don’t have the depth, I think Gurley has enough weekly potential to have at least a decent game. If he scores a TD he might score 12 points, that’s obviously not bad. But that might not always cut it in the playoffs.

If you have depth, you should consider another option at Flex/RB this week.


Can you trust Dez for the Fantasy Football playoffs? (@solarzn) (@thegeneralbear)

This season has been a disaster for the NFC (L)east. And for many of its high end fantasy players. Dez Bryant, Demarco Murray, Jordan Matthews, Tony Romo, Alfred Morris, just to name a few. Dez Bryant is really the player that catches your eye on that list. Is he trustworthy?

Last week Dez Bryant was routinely burning the young broken secondary of the Washington Redskins. He still found himself frustrated, mainly because Matt Cassel couldn’t seem to get him the ball, At all. Things changed for the better in the second half. Dez ended up making some key, and quite impressive catches towards the end of the game. One in particular was actually out of bounds. Nonetheless still cool. I look for Dez to be a decent WR2/Flex moving forward depending on matchup. Some might have the depth to replace him, but if you don’t I still think he has very high potential and could come through for your team very soon. If not this week, the final 3 are all very appealing matchups for Dez.

Should I start Spencer Ware or Charcandrick West? (@goin_to_daship) (@viewfrom68)

Last week was a solid win for the Chiefs over their division rival the Oakland Raiders. Though the usually run heavy offense barely ran at all. Distributing 17 carries between West (10) and Ware (7). West had 35 yards on his carries. Ware had just 26, although he added a 10 yard TD.

 I think it is safe to say West is still the lead back, though Ware will continue to cut into West’s carries. This makes both fairly risky starts. But I still consider West to be the primary and best start in KC’s scuffed up backfield.

Top defenses for streaming week 14? (@bcunningham)

  1. Chiefs – Owned in 44.9% on The Chiefs are a top 5 defense on the season. They face the Chargers who they scored 20 fantasy points against earlier this season.
  1. Lions – Owned in 7.5% on They will face off against one of the worst offenses in the league at this point, the Rams.
  1. Redskins – owned in 4.5% on They will face off against a struggling Chicago Bears team.


fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold



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