Wicked Waiver Adds

I missed the past few weeks as my actual job got in the way of me doing my usual research.  If you are still in the hunt for a championship you need to read below.  I typically start with QB but with all the running backs going down I thought it would be prudent to start with the running back position this week.


Denard Robinson (3% owned in Yahoo) – What do we know? TJ Yeldon is hurt and Robinson took over during the game this past Sunday.   The jags just signed Jonas Gray.  This would lead me to believe that Yeldon will nto play or is in jeopardy of not playing this coming week.  I would make Robinson my number 1 priority this week on the wire.   The kid will get a lot of touches and could help you make it into the next round of your playoffs.

Tim Hightower (41% owned in Yahoo) – Who?  Hightower…..is that guy even in the league?  Well, he hasn’t been for a few years.  But if you ask CJ Spiller, I am sure he knows Hightower passed him on the depth chart.   Hightower also produced well enough to make me want to add and play him.

Dujuan Harris (3% owned in Yahoo) – Absolutely nothing really exciting here.  He sucked once Rawls went down with pretty much horrible production.   Seattle also signed Bryce Brown and has the ever young Freddy Jackson on the payroll.  This looks like a committee moving forward unless one of the three breaks out,  I have my money on Brown and not Harris.

Brandon Bolden (10% owned in Yahoo) – It really looks like Blount got hurt enough to not play this week.  Bolden looked really good playing in his place with 51 yards.  I expect White to continue is the passing back role and may be who I would prefer (I play PPR).  Add Bolden and see if Blount plays on Sunday.  The Pats only have 3 RBs on the roster.  If Blount doesn’t play it is easy to say Bolden becomes the primary ball carrier.


Tyler Lockett (38% owned in Yahoo) – Rawls is hurt, the passing game is booming and Lockett has 194 yards, 2 TDs and 14 receptions the past 2 weeks.  Yeah, I would say that is pretty damn good too.  Add and play as a high ceiling, high floor WR3.  I like him throughout the playoffs.


Zach Miller (21% owned in Yahoo) – OK so lets be comepletely clear there are 2 Zach Millers that play TE in the NFL.  I mean the guy that plays for the Bears.  If Bennett is out Miller will be productive, if Bennett is active sit this guy down.


Ryan Fitzpatrick (47% owned in Yahoo) – I keep mentioning this guy, he keeps producing and no one seems to want to own him.  He has three games on the season in which he threw less than 2 TDs, and he was hurt in one of those and left the game early. He has been on a complete tear the last 3 weeks and that will continue.  He has big wide receivers with good hands and a nice running game to keep things flowing.  If you Lost Dalton add Fitzy.


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