Mailbag week 15

Is Philip Rivers a worth starting anymore? * Brandon Bolden or James White? * Zach Miller worth a start? * Tim Hightower is getting touches, but does he have the talent to match? * What are some good streaming DEF’s owned in less than 50% of leagues?

Is Philip Rivers a worth starting anymore? (@samston1029) (@REELentertainment)

After a very hot start Philip Rivers was looking like one of, if not the best fantasy QB. He has fallen off the wagon and hasn’t done much of anything in 4 of his last 5 games. In his defense, they were all terrible matchups. But he had one solid game over that 5 game stretch and that was against a weak Jaguars defense. They are the 26h against fantasy QBs.

Looking ahead to this week’s matchup, Rivers will face off with the Miami Dolphins who are ranked as 24th against fantasy QBs. So, they are the 8th best matchup for a QB to have. Last week allowing Eli Manning to throw for 337 yards, and 4 TDs.

Philip Rivers has a tremendous matchup this week and will be throwing the ball often. If history continues to repeat itself, Philip Rivers will have a solid game.

Brandon Bolden or James White? (@dlove408) (@viledekerke)

With LeGarrette Blount out for the rest of the season, that leaves NE with Bolden and White, as for who you should start, that depends.

In PPR it might benefit you a lot more to start White because he will primarily be the passing down/receiving back. With Bolden serving as the Blount replacement. Bolden will likely see more touches with White having more big play ability. In standard I would go Bolden, PPR I’d say White.

Zach Miller worth a start? (@SaSkzY15) (@thegeneralbear)

If you are having TE trouble there are options, not always reliable, but they are there. Zach Miller is emerging as a pretty dangerous receiving threat in Chicago. He has 5 TDs in his last 6 games and a couple of 100 yard games. His matchup isn’t terrible either. It’s actually better than last week’s in which he scored a TD and had 85 yards. Zach Miller is a solid pick up to patch up a hole your injured or underperforming TE may have left.

Tim Hightower is getting touches, but does he have the talent to match? (@DJKahnsworth)

This past Sunday Tim Hightower replaced Mark Ingram and carried the ball 28 times, only managing 85 yards on the ground. Though he did score a TD. His matchup really was pretty bad, as TB has a great run D. This week is better, not great though. I think this week vs DET we should see a better representation of what he can do. In my opinion he has enough talent to warrant starts on a lot of fantasy teams. It’s the playoffs so not everyone can afford a risk, but I would say this one isn’t as risky as some other waiver pick ups this week. If you need him, start him.

What are some good streaming DEF’s owned in less than 50% of leagues? (@sonny25santino) (@dlove408)

  1. Jaguars – 2.3% vs ATL and scored 24.23 last weeks against IND
  1. Jets – 44.4% @DAL The Cowboys offense hasn’t been able to do anything lately.
  1. Steelers – vs DEN The Steelers have been very solid lately on D and face a slow Denver offense.



fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold



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