The Lord of the Fantasy Football Rings (W15)


Go with the Elves, trust the Dwarves, fear the Men and let you amaze by the Hobbits (Fantasy Football edition).

I know is late in the season, but I came out with this new idea to help you win your fantasy championship. I hope that you like The Lord of the Rings because I love it and I`m going to use it to help with your start/sit or love/hate.

First of all, you should know that this list is going to have races that fought against Sauron and allies in the Third Age on the “War of the Ring”, so no Orcs (or Goblins), Uruk-hais, Trolls, Nazguls nor Wargs. But I’m going to use them on other posts if you guys like this one.

Here you’ll find:

Elves: Those elite players that are beautiful and graceful playing football who make a difference in every battle and if you have them on your side, you should use them no matter what.

Dwarves: These are very strong players that if they decide to take your side on the battlefield, they will fight to death and never let you down without giving everything they’ve got. But once in a while they could decide to stay in their fortress and halls and leave you all alone to your own fate.

Men: The second sons of the creator Ilúvatar who were given the “Gift of Men” which make them mortals susceptible to aging and disease. They are greedy and won’t hesitate to betray you on crucial moments, especially if there is a complicated situation. However there is love in them and they could surprise, be careful with them tough. Try to keep them on your bench.

Hobbits: An unknown race that prefer to stay away of everyone else so they can live their boring life farming, eating and socializing. They look like a very predictable group of creatures but they can really surprise you once in a while.

Gollum (Sméagol): This former Hobbit that was consumed by the Ring of Power, but deep inside could be very helpful fighting against the evil forces.

After this brief introduction let’s talk about fantasy football:

Elves: Every week big-scorers like Tom Brady (NE), Cam Newton (CAR), Doug Martin (TB), Adrian Peterson (MIN), DeAndre Hopkins (HOU), Antonio Brown (PIT), Rob Gronkowski (NE).




Matthew Stafford (Lions): Stafford is the definition of spot starter this season, having great games in good matchups and struggling in bad. This week he has the ideal matchup for a quarterback this year.

Alex Smith (Chiefs): He has been intercepted only in four times and he is at the top in that category in the NFL. Smith takes good care of the football and this week has a very nice matchup. If you like to stream QB, the Chiefs’s player might help you getting into the championship game.


Russell Wilson (Seahawks): At this poin t he could be an Elf easily, but he has a slow start and I can’t get pass through that. This week faces the Browns, a game that could be an easy win for the NFC champs. With Rawls down (and of course Lynch), this team might rely more on this very effective passing game.


Chris Ivory (Jets): He has been up-and-down in the last four weeks and he faces a decent Cowboys defense. However the Jets are serious contenders and they won’t have any kind of mercy in a game that they could easily win, meaning that Ivory could get a lot of extra touches.

Jeremy Hill (Bengals): I didn’t like this player at all last week, but now he faces the worst defense against RB and the second one allowing rushing TD (Hill’s strength). Plus without Dalton, the Bengals will be forced to use more their ground game which could get Hill more touches.

Lamar Miller (Dolphins): Miller has been a very effective and consistent player making him the fifth best RB this year. Even with Jay Ajayi in the mix, he has been able to keep his starting job. This week has the fifth best matchup for running backs against the Chargers and he should perform as a true Dwarf.

Charcandrick West (Chiefs): The “Shark” could help you win this week if his teammate Spencer Ware is out; however if Ware suits up, West won’t be a trustworthy player and he could throw into the Mount Doom’s fire.

Denard Robinson (Jaguars): After one of your bravest soldiers (Yeldon) went down, Robinson appeared like “The Light of Eärendil” to fight against the Great Spider Shelob. This guy got the starting job last year and in the games with 15+ carries he was able to score at least 9 fantasy points.


Jeremy Maclin (Chiefs): Tis KC’s WR has been a rollercoaster this season but in the last three weeks he has been an effective flex option. Now he couldn’t ask for a better matchup in Baltimore, the team with the most number of TD allowed to WR. If Maclin is going to explode it would be this week.

Michael Floyd (Cardinals): For me he is one of the most underrated players this year. When he is heatlhy he is easily a top 15 WR. This week plays against the Eagles who have allowed the most targets and receptions to wide receivers so far and the Cards should wrap-up this game to keep the number two seed in the NFC.

Doug Baldwin (Seahawks): If Baldwin can repeat his last four week’s performances, he should be among the Elves, at least until the fantasy season is over. The Browns can´t stop anyone and Wilson will get more opportunities to find his WR, since Rawls is out for the season.

Tyler Lockett (Seahawks): Another benefited Seahawk with the rise up of Russell Wilson. This rookie is very explosive and has shown his upside in the past weeks. Lockett could have another big game playing at home against the Browns.

Julian Edelman (Patriots): If this little guy can get his helmet and gear on, he should be on your starting line-up; we saw it last week with Gronk. Bellichick won’t risk any of his players unless he is certain they won’t get hurt again.


Benjamin Watson (Saints): I really can’t understand how this guy is owned only in 31.6% in and a guy like Witten is owned in over 75%. Those kind of decisions make the difference between making into the playoffs and staying in the bunch. Watson is a key player and an important target for Brees and this week has the best matchup for any TE in the NFL.

Gary Barnidge (Browns): The Brown will have a bad time for sure, but the Seahawks haven’t been very good covering tight ends and a guy like Barnidge could make the pay.




Eli Manning (Giants): Please if you can start another guy do it. Eli is facing the second toughest defense against QB this week and if you play him it could cost you a playoff win.

Sam Bradford (Eagles): Just in case you were thinking about streaming this QB on your playoff game, don’t do it; the Cardinals have been an outstanding defense this year and they are looking to keep the number 2 seed in the NFC.


Isaiah Crowell (Browns): He was last week’s best RB in fantasy, but plays on the road against the rejuvenated “Leagion of Boom”.

Buck Allen (Ravens): This rookie was a very good replacement for Justin Forsett’s owners, but he has another tough matchup against the Chiefs who have been pretty good against the run all year long. Use this player unless you don’t have another choice.

DeMarco Murray (Eagles): Murray wasn’t able to make a difference in Mathews’s absence and that surely cost him some participation going forward. The Eagles backfield is clearly a committee and the former Cowboy could ruin your team this week.

Antonio Andrews (Titans): Playing the best team in the AFC with a rookie breathing behind his neck? I’ll pass.


Odell Beckham (Giants): This sounds crazy, but OBJ could actually have bad game. However I feel that he can lead your team into the Black Gate of Mordor to one last fight becoming Gondor’s new king.

Torrey Smith (49ers): He only has three games with 10+ fantasy points this season and he just can’t be trusted.

TY Hilton (Colts): Last week had a very good game with 132 receiving yards, but this week is playing a decent Texans secondary and he could be without his second QB Matt Hasselbeck, so it could be very difficult to get TY a significant number of targets.

Stefon Diggs (Vikings): He had three good games in a row, but since week 8 hasn’t been able to score more than 7 points. Stay away from this guy this week.



Jason Witten (Cowboys): He is 13 among TE this season and has only one game with 8+ fantasy points. Without his starting QB, Witten is a second tier tight end who belongs to the waiver wire.

Hobbits: Remember that there are few braves Hobbits like Bilbo ,Frodo, Sam, Merry or Pippin


AJ McCarron (Bengals): I believe this guy has a lot to prove, coming as a underdog since the day he announces his NFL eligibility. A lot of people underestimate his skills as a true pocket passer and if the Bengals are able to build a good game plan around him, McCarron could surprise everyone this week.



Bryce Brown (Seahawks): Head Coach Pete Carroll said that they will roll with the “hot hand” in the game against Cleveland. However Brown looks like the better option for this team: Fred Jackson didn’t get a real shot when Lynch went down, Michael has had a lot of chances this season in different teams and hasn0t been able to make an impact. With that being said, Bryce Brown could handle the majority of the work in Seattle.

Tim Hightower (Saints): This guy is owned only in 28% of the leagues and he could really make an impact. He was an important part of the 2008 Arizona Cardinals who lost the Super Bowl against the Steelers. Hightower’s strength is in short yard situation and goal line carries and this week plays against the worst team keeping the RB out of the endzone.

Ameer Abdullah (Lions): This is Abdullah’s last chance to be relevant in fantasy playing the second worst defense against RB in primetime.


Albert Wilson (Chiefs): everyone is talking about Maclin, but this guy has become a legit WR2 in Kansas City and in a very good matchup he could score double digit points.

Kamar Aiken (Ravens): In a game where the Ravens could get slaughtered, someone have to catch some footballs right? If so, Aiken is the best receiver in that team plagued with injuries.


Vernon Davis (Broncos): He is getting more targets every week and if the Broncos have a shot against the Steelers is throwing short passes and getting into the end-zone. Davis is a great weapon on the red-zone and the Denver’s team have to get him the ball.

Gollum: Darren Sproles (Eagles): Very small but very strong player. Now he has earned more caries in that offense and in a very bad matchup, Sproles could be the difference-maker in the Eagles team.



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