DFS Week 16 Picks

Welcome to my weekly DFS value picks.  This is where I offer a list of players that according to their price and usage in their systems (targets and overall touches), are the best options to bring you high production at the lowest price, making them great value picks.  I will not be advising you to use the “Top Tier” players, as they are the players everybody knows about.  If you haven’t played DFS before, you want to pair a couple of these great value players with the more expensive players that you know will come through with great numbers week in and week out, to give you the highest point total possible and ideally give you a chance to win some cash!  Draft King prices are annotated by the DK next to the price and FanDuel are FD.  So with that being said, let’s get it started!

Below are the players that I advised for you to use last week broken down into “Hits” and “Misses”.  If a player score 3 times their value, they are a “Hit”. EX: $4,000 x 3 =12pts.  This player would be considered a “Hit”.  There were 22 Hits and 12 Misses for those of y’all keeping score at home.



T.Austin – 3Cths,41ReY,1TD,32RuY,1TD W.Snead – 10Cths,76ReY
Seferian-Jenkins – 3Cths,29ReY,1TD M.Floyd – 5Cths,70ReY
D.Brees –341PaY,3TD,11RuY T.Lockett – 5Cths,55ReY,1TD
B.Bortles- 297PaY,1TD,1INT,44RuY,1TD Z.Miller – 6Cths,57ReY
M.Stafford –254PaY,3TD W.Tye – 5Cths,43ReY,1TD
T.Taylor –235PaY,2TD,79RuY D.Robinson –28RuY, 8Cths,46ReY
R.Fitzpatrick –299PaY,1TD,1INT,13RuY T.Hightower –54RuY,3Cths,31ReY
D.Johnson –187RuY,3TD,4Cths,42ReY B.Powell – 25RuY,1TD,7Cths,54ReY
J.White – 6RuY,7Cths,71ReY B.Cooks –10Cths,124ReY,1TD
C.West –76RuY,1TD,2Cths,9ReY J.Maclin – 5Cths,70ReY,1TD
J.Brown – 3Cths,38ReY,1TD G.Tate – 6Cths,45ReY,2TD



T.Gurley – 48RuY,1TD,2Cths,31ReY
D.Martin –91RuY,1Cth,6ReY
A.Smith– 171PaY,1TD,17RuY
T.Riddick –3RuY,2Cths,27ReY
E.Decker – 6Cths,55ReY,1TD
J.Landry –8Cths,54ReY
D.Parker – 2Cths,16ReY
G.Barnidge – 3Cths,29ReY,1TD
H.Miller – 3Cths,12ReY
V.Davis – 1Cth,5ReY

Great week for my picks last week!  Good luck in Week 16!



Phillip Rivers vs Oak ($5,700DK – $7,600FD) – Now that Melvin Gordon is out for the season, Rivers should be slinging it these last 2 games of the season.

Derek Carr vs S.D ($5,600DK – $7,400FD) – Carr has thrown 2 or more TDs in his last 4 games and has the weapons to keep it goin.



Latavius Murray vs S.D ($5,000DK – $6,100FD) – Murray hasn’t cracked 100RuY in his last 7 games, but S.D is pretty bad against the run and his price may be too low to not take a shot.

Danny Woodhead vs Oak ($4,400 – $5,900) – Now that the Gordon experience is out for the year, Woodhead will get more touches, especially in the redzone.

Donald Brown vs Oak ($3,000DK – $4,900FD) – He will now take over Gordon’s role, 90RuY and a few catches are likely.



Michael Crabtree vs S.D ($5,700DK – $6,300FD) – JVerret should be shadowing Cooper all night and Crabtree actually has better numbers than Cooper this year.

Steven Johnson vs Oak ($4,500DK – $5,500FD) – If he comes back from injury, he automatically becomes Rivers best target not named Woodhead.



None of the TEs are worth using.



Neither D/ST is worth using.






Blake Bortles vs N.O ($6,150DK – $8,200FD) – Possibly the hottest QB in the NFL going against the worst defenses in the league.

Matthew Stafford vs S.F ($6,100DK – $7,600FD) – Stafford has 12TDs and 1INT in his last 4 games.  Should continue those solid numbers week 16.



Tyrod Taylor vs Dal ($5,500DK – $7,700FD) – Taylor has over 200 yards rushing in his last 4 games.  Those are exptra points that give you wins!

Jameis Winston vs Chi ($5,500DK – $7,500FD) – Jameis looked like he figured things out in the second half last week.  He should continue that against Chicago.

Kirk Cousins vs Phi ($5,500DK – $7,500FD) – Yes Cousins plays a lot better at home than he does on the road.  But he is playing the Eagles, so the opportunities will be there.

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs N.E ($5,200DK – $7,700FD) – May be playing from behind and with Marshall and Decker, he has the weapons to put up some points.

Brandon Weeden vs Tenn ($5,100DK – $6,300FD) – If he plays, he could have a nice day throwing it to Hopkins all day.



David Johnson vs G.B ($5,800DK – $7,300FD) – Hottest RB in the league!

Denard Robinson vs N.O ($5,400DK – $6,400FD) – If healthy, he will get all the carries against the worst defense in the NFL.

James White vs NYJ ($4,700DK – $6,600FD) – The Jets are really good against the run and White is the passing down for one of the best offenses in the league.

Karlos Williams vs Dal ($4,500DK – $5,400FD) – With Shady McCoy out for the year, Karlos is in line for an uptick in touches this week against a not so good run defense in Dallas.

Tim Hightower vs Jax ($4,500DK – $6,300FD) – He has out-snapped the Spiller 45-10 in the last 2 weeks.  Sould continue to see the brunt of the work with Brees being hurt.

Jared Allen vs Pit ($4,200DK – $5,800FD) – Pittsburgh is good against the run, but as we’ve ssen before, Allen could catch numerous passes to beef up his stats.



Amir Abdullah vs S.F ($3,800DK – $5,300FD) – Seems like Detroit is finally giving him the chance to show what he has.



Sammy Watkins vs Dal ($6,700DK – $7,700FD) – With 6 TDs in his last 4 games, Watkins is running pretty hot right now.  Could burn the secondary for a couple more this weekend.

Eric Decker vs N.E ($6,500DK – $7,600FD) – Like we say every week, 6Cths, 60ReY and a TD seems to be his norm.


Brandin Cooks vs Jax ($5,900DK – $7,000FD) – Cooks has 16Cths, 228ReY and 2TDs in his last 2 home games.

Martavis Bryant vs Bal ($5,600DK – $7,200FD) – Open season this week with the Steelers receivers going against the Ravens secondary.

Dez Bryant vs Buff ($5,500DK – $7,000FD) – At this price and with Kellen Moore force feeding it to Dez, could have a lot of value.

Kamar Aiken vs Pitt ($5,400DK – $6,000FD) – PPR machine with no game under 5 catches since week 7.

John Brown vs G.B ($5,300DK – $6,400FD) – It seems like the Cards always take 3-4 shots at Brown down the filed.  All he needs is one to make it count.

Desean Jackson vs Phi ($5,000DK – $6,800FD) – DJax is usually Boom or Bust.  But there has been a lot of Booming lately and ow is facing the Eagles.

Ted Ginn vs Atl ($4,900DK – $7,100FD) – He has averaged 2TDs per game in his last 3.  At this price, you can’t say no.

Willie Snead vs Jax ($4,500DK – $6,100FD) – With 17Cths in his last 2 games, he could make some people a lot of money at this price.

Jordan Matthews vs Wash ($4,400DK – $6,400FD) – This week’s stat line may be similar to last week after he faces a weak Redskins secondary.




Dwayne Harris vs Min ($3,000DK – $5,100FD) – If Odel Beckham misses the game, his targets will be spread around.  Harris could be a nice play.

Chris Hogan vs Dal ($3,000DK – $4,800FD) – With Robert Woods in I.R Hogan could see a good amount of targets against Dallas.


Delanie Walker vs Hou ($5,600DK – $6,600FD) – Mettenberger will be starting now and Delanie will be his security blanket against Houston.

Zach Miller vs T.B ($4,000DK – $5,600FD) – With 11Cths in his last 2 games, Miller seems to be getting Cutler’s eye more often than not.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins vs Chi ($3,800DK – $5,500) – With Winston getting more and more comfortable, he will look at ASJ more to fill in for VJax.

Willie Tye vs Min ($3,500DK – $5,100FD) – With a TD in back to back games, Tye is beginning to beused more and more and for this price if he gets you a TD, you’re already up.


Den vs Cin ($3,400DK – $5,200FD) – Denver looking to prove that last week was a fluke and set their playoff position, should handle AJ McCarron.

Pit vs Bal ($3,100DK – $4,800FD) – Pitt D has been playing a lot better lately and against the Ravens it could be a nice day.

Hou vs Tenn ($2,800DK – $5,000FD) – Houston is now on top of their division and need to win to stay there, Mettenberger should give them much trouble.


If you haven’t signed up for DFS already, go to Our Affiliates page and click on the link to sign up now.


Good luck with your picks this week.  If I helped you win, you’re welcome!  If I helped you lose, you just didn’t use the right combination of guys I gave you.  HAHAHAHAHA #GetAtMe


fantasyreaList Writer: Javier Martinez


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