The Lord of the Fantasy Football Rings (W16)


Go with the Elves, trust the Dwarves, fear the Men and let you amaze by the Hobbits (Fantasy Football edition).

I know it is late in the season, but I came out with this new idea to help you win your fantasy championship. I hope that you like The Lord of the Rings because I love it and I`m going to use it to help with your start/sit or love/hate.

First of all, you should know that this list is going to have races that fought against Sauron and allies in the Third Age on the “War of the Ring”, so no Orcs (or Goblins), Uruk-hais, Trolls, Nazguls nor Wargs. But I’m going to use them on other posts if you guys like this one.

Here you’ll find:

Elves: Those elite players that are beautiful and graceful playing football who make a difference in every battle and if you have them on your side, you should use them no matter what.

Dwarves: These are very strong players that if they decide to take your side on the battlefield, they will fight to death and never let you down without giving everything they’ve got. But once in a while they could decide to stay in their fortress and halls and leave you all alone to your own fate.

Men: The second sons of the creator Ilúvatar who were given the “Gift of Men” which make them mortals susceptible to aging and disease. They are greedy and won’t hesitate to betray you on crucial moments, especially if there is a complicated situation. However there is love in them and they could surprise, be careful with them tough. Try to keep them on your bench.

Hobbits: An unknown race that prefer to stay away of everyone else so they can live their boring life farming, eating and socializing. They look like a very predictable group of creatures but they can really surprise you once in a while.

Gollum (Sméagol): This former Hobbit that was consumed by the Ring of Power, but deep inside could be very helpful fighting against the evil forces.

After this brief introduction let’s talk about fantasy football:


Elves: Every week big-scorers like Tom Brady (NE), Cam Newton (CAR), Doug Martin (TB), Adrian Peterson (MIN), DeAndre Hopkins (HOU), Antonio Brown (PIT), Rob Gronkowski (NE)



Blake Bortles (Jaguars): Did you know that Bortles has more fantasy points than Aaron Rodgers? Well it is true, the second year quarterback is playing like a true franchise player helping himself from three very good pass catchers. Now he couldn’t ask for a better matchup against a weak Saints defense that can’t stop anyone.

Ben Roethilsberger (Steelers): Oh boy, the Steelers maybe the best offense in the NFL right now. They should be glad to have his QB back, like the Men of Rohan saw Gandalf coming with the Éomer and the Rohirrims in the Helm’s Deep battle.

Kirk Cousins (Redskins): You like that! Yeah I do, this kid might get his team into the playoffs playing very good football and fighting to get a franchise tag maybe. Going against the Eagles in Thursday (Saturday edition) Night he could feast with that secondary that have struggle to stop the pass.


Darren McFadden (Cowboys): This guy has been the only reliable player from the Cowboys. Now without Romo (again) McFadden will get a lot of touches in a very decent matchup.

David Johnson (Cardinals): Do I really need to elaborate about this kid? He is like Aragorn carrying his legendary sword Andúril into the battle of the entrance of Mordor.

James White (Patriots): Please do not trust any of the “running” RB of New England. We’ve been here before, first with Blount, then with Bolden (and Iosefa) and now with Jackson. However the change-of-pace RB area trustworthy and White has been doing a very fine job replacing Dion Lewis. This week he could be the key player against a very tough Jets defense.

Denard Robinson (Jaguars): He wasn’t able to produce a lot last week, but he had 22 touches and 87 total yards. This week he could really produce against a very weak New Orleans defense.

Cameron Artis-Payne (Panthers): With his teammate Stewart out for Sunday’s game, this rookie should have a lot of work, especially with his team having a good matchup and already into the playoffs.

Charcandrick West (Chiefs): Spencer Ware is coming off a rib injury and he could steal some carries, but the Browns are the third defense to allow more rushing yards to RB, so that could give West a lot of room to work with.


Martavis Bryant (Steelers): Bryant has been a little slow this last couple of weeks, but he should get back in track playing in Baltimore and fighting for a playoff spot. He is a big, strong and fast wide receiver with a lot of upside playing against the worst defense against WR.

DeSean Jackson (Redskins): Last year he was “boom or bust” kind of player but this year he has been more consistent with, maybe, a better quarterback. He has the chance to beat his former team and clinching a playoff spot playing on the road against a bad and banged up secondary.

Kamar Aiken (Ravens): Somebody has to catch some passes in Baltimore right? He may not be flashy, but is the best Ravens’s WR and is playing an awful secondary.

Jeremy Maclin (Chiefs): Last week had a nice matchup and had a decent performance. He has once again a good one and the opportunity to get the AFC West first place if the Broncos lose.

Michael Floyd (Cardinals): This guy is like the unsung hero (in fantasy at least) of the great Arizona’s pass attack. He is the most complete young WR in the Cardinals and has been playing very well. Now is facing the Packers in an epic battle that makes me thing about the war between the “Last Alliance of Elves and Men and Sauron of Mordor”.


Julius Thomas (Jaguars): He is back on track after his hand’s injury making big plays just like he did in Denver. Along with Allen Robinson is the deadliest weapon in the red zone.



AJ McCarron (Bengals): I really hope you didn’t have to add him off the waivers after Dalton’s injury. But if you did, try to keep him away from your starting lineup since he is facing the toughest defense against quarterbacks.

Brock Osweiler (Broncos): Same as McCarron, bad matchup and in primetime, I’d rather add another guy like Kirk Cousins.

Matt Ryan (Falcons): One of the biggest disappointments this year with four straight games with less than 14 points! He faces a really tough Panthers defense and I really advice you to keep him on your bench.


Javorius “Buck” Allen (Ravens): This rookie was a very good replacement for Forsett owners for a couple of weeks, but he has been doomed with three awful matchups in a row. Plus he had a fumble last week that cost him to watch the rest of the game on the sidelines. Very risky move with the second worst matchup and with his starter role on the line.

Brandon Bolden (Patriots): I can’t trust this guy at all and with Steven Jackson in the mix, playing would be like shooting on your own foot.

Isaiah Crowell (Browns): Crowell hasn’t been able to stablish himself as a trustworthy flex option at least with only three games with double digit points.

Eddie Lacy (Packers): At this point you never know what is going to happen with Lacy, one week is fighting to death by your side and the next thing you know is that he is being a Boromir when he had the Ring of Power on his hand for a moment and tries to kill you. If you know what you’re going to get go for it, but don’t say I didn’t warned you.

Roonie Hillman (Broncos): With CJ Anderson on the mix he could be very dangerous, but if the Broncos running attack can’t get something going Hillman can really disappoint. I’ll take my chances with other RB like Robinson, Hightower or even Abdullah.


AJ Green (Bengals): Am I really putting AJ on this list? Yes I am. Why? Three main reasons: first he has been dealing with a back injury that could affect him after a big hit; second he has a horrible matchup and third, he doesn’t have his starting QB throwing him the ball. He has huge upside though, but still a risk for me this week.

Dorial Green-Beckham (Titans): This guy has shown some good skills in the pro-level and he could be a nice grab next season with Marcus Mariota playing. But this week against a tough Texans defense and with the backup QB there, this giant could struggle.

Willie Snead (Saints): If Brees is playing you could start Snead, but keep in mind that kind of injury bothers a lot to QB and might be a big deal when Brees tries to throw the ball.

Reuben Randle (Giants): We’ve through this path before last year and it wasn’t good at all. He is like the Ruling Steward of Gondor in the Third Age: Denethor II father of both Boromir and Faramir, who ended up committing suicide after the usage of the Palantir consumed him. Randle could pretend to be the new WR king, but in the end he is just a backup facing top CB this week.


Hobbits: Remember that there are few braves Hobbits like Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Merry or Pippin.


Alex Smith (Chiefs): The KC’s QB is on this list because he wasn’t able to be very productive last week in a very favorable matchup. He has a great one once again and he takes good care of the football, but his lack of upside makes hesitate in starting him on any of my leagues.

Matthew Stafford (Lions): He is the text book definition of a fantasy spot start and once again has a good matchup and the weapons to add some points to your team.

Jameis Winston (Buccaneers): If you have been streaming quarterbacks but there is none left but this guy, you will be getting a high upside player who can score a touchdown using his legs, which means extra points.


Ameer Abdullah (Lions): Finally he is getting a chance to show everyone why he was drafted so high this year, but he still has some trouble taking good care of the ball and we all know that is something crucial to be a NFL successful player. What I like about his matchup is that the 49ers are at the top of the league with TD allowed to RB.

Karlos Williams (Bills): We know what this kid is capable of doing and had a pretty good first half of the season. With McCoy out he could have a significant impact on your team.

Christine Michael (Seahawks): At last this guy got another chance and he is even fantasy relevant in very dynamic Seattle offense. Looks like he is the lead back in a team that will need to run the ball in order to have a balanced attack.

Tim Hightower (Saints): Drew Brees is dealing with a tricky injury and even if he plays I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints decide to lean on the rushing attack a bit more than usual. Hightower may have is last chance to stay active in the NFL and he will give you his 100% to help you win the last battle.

CJ Anderson (Broncos): Without CJ the Denver’s offense has been very slow and hasn0t been able to finish any game. If he is good to go, he should see a lot of touches (hopefully the Broncos already realized how bad they need him) and maybe one of the gutsiest starts of the championship week.


Albert Wilson (Chiefs): Big upside player in a top 5 matchup is a nice combo, for a 12+ teams league maybe.

Travis Benjamin (Browns): If you have seen the Browns playing I’m almost certain that you agree with me with the fact that Benjamin is the best offensive player there. This small WR is very fast, gets open easily and makes people miss. Now he is starting to get in shape with Manziel under center and be very dangerous against a leaky KC secondary.

Jordan Matthews (Eagles): One of the season’s busts could have a big night in a hot divisional “playoff” in which the Eagles will have to give everything they’ve got to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot, and that means letting your playmakers do their thing.

Gollum: Pierre Garcon (Redskins): Once a very reliable WR2 option is now the 45th wide receiver in fantasy points scored this season. However he could have a big night playing the Eagles who will play with a very banged up (and pretty bad) secondary.

Happy Holidays!


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