10 Things We Learned This Season

We learned a lot of things this season. Below I listed 10 things that I think were profound stories for the NFL this past season.

  1. Moving 1 team to a city where you have had absolutely no success (LA) is very important. Trying to move two teams there is showing us all just how loyal you are to the actual fans.  (Very sad situation)
  2. Johnny Manziel sure can party. This guy belongs in Dallas where Jerry Jones will appreciate his idiocy. Jerry would say “The hot chicks Johnny parties with show the character of this guy, I mean what is not to love”
  3. NFL Referees need to become full time employees. You want better refs make it a full time job, I think the NFL can afford it.
  4. Instant replay is lengthening games to a point where a fan has to invest four hours to watch a game, and is ruining the product on the field. Fans will get bored and move on to something else that is more exciting if this trend continues.
  5. Peyton Manning should retire by choice before his body completely gives out. (I am a Patriots fan and he is a despised but respected rival. I do not want to see him deteriorate more and be remembered for his league leading interceptions rate.)
  6. Injuries can completely wipe out your wide receiver corps more easily than it can hurt a team at running back. Some teams that lost running backs still produces at a high level but without their top wide receivers they just were not that good (see Patriots and Steelers).  Remember this when you draft your fantasy team next season.
  7. The Patriots will continue to be a contender no matter what everyone wants. They adapt every season when others don’t.
  8. The media will create a feel good story about a convicted drug trafficker watching her millionaire son play football in person. (Tough for me to feel for her, although I understand why he would be happy)
  9. The media will create an even bigger story about a football being slightly deflated.
  10. Most of us don’t care about number 8 or 9 at all. We just want to see good football played on the field.



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