Why Joey Bosa will Fall in the Draft

Joey Bosa (EDGE-Ohio State) has been compared to Carlos Dunlap, Jared Allen and even J.J. Watt. So what is the issue? Well there are numerous of reasons why Bosa can fall outside of the TOP 5 and here is a few:


  • Team Need

PicMonkey Collage

This happens to a lot of players in the draft. (This year’s order:Titans, Browns, Chargers, Cowboys, Jaguars.) Titans are looking to protect Marcus Mariota so it’s almost a lock that Laremy Tunsil (OT-Ole Miss) goes first over all. Browns and new head coach Hue Jackson need a future meaning they need to draft a QB, whether it’s Jared Goff (Cal) or Carson Wentz (North Dakota St.) they will likely draft one. Melvin Gordon of the Chargers was the only rookie RB to not have a touchdown last season and to help with that they should focus on their offensive lineman, possibly Ronnie Stanley (OT-Notre Dame). Then the Cowboys are on the clock, more and more talk about Romo’s Successor and who it may be, looking at next year’s draft class, the Cowboys should take a QB this season since they have the opportunity. Finally, the Jags round out the top 5, remember they drafted Dante Fowler Jr (Defensive End)., last season, and I believe they would rather focus on their poor tackling secondary selecting Jalen Ramsey (S-Florida State) or Vernon Hargreaves (CB-Florida). It’s the same situation that happened to Leonard Williams last season.


  • Off-the-field

At the very beginning of the college season Bosa was suspended for an undisclosed reason. All that was said was, he was suspended for violating team rules. Now that could be a number of reasons, but being suspended at any point in time is a red flag for any prospect.


  • Lack of Production

When Noah Spence (played last year with the Eastern Kentcky University) was Joey Bosa’s teammate at Ohio State Bosa had 13.5 sacks, but once Spence was dismissed from the BIG 10. The production went down to just 5 sacks. Now this is more understandable because Bosa was double-teamed more, but Carlos Dunlap was also double teamed a tremendous amount in college and still managed to get 9 sacks in back to back seasons and he was not even chosen until the 2nd round, 54th

Top 5 picks are taken very seriously, they hold great trade value and receive the most criticism from fans, so a team may hesitate to select Bosa. Overall Bosa is still a great player who can make a difference in the league, but he has to be in the right system.

FantasyreaList Guest Writer:: Derek Whoolery (National Mock Drafts)



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