The Top 5 Sophomore Wide Receivers

After the 2015 NFL season, I am more and more convinced that this position could be the most important one in fantasy going forward. Especially in picking the number one guys around the league and more importantly finding those sneaky players that could be the next Antonio Browns or Julio Jones. We saw a very talented group of RBs, but a thinner WR group, however here is a list of my top 5 sophomore WRs.


Amari Cooper (Raiders): This 6’1’’ wide receiver finished as a matchup based flex option. He was the 25th best WR and overcame the 1000-yard mark; maybe his biggest issue were the touchdowns, since he was only able to score six times and I have to mention his 10 dropped passes. The thing that I like the most is his total targets with 130, 71 more than the next rookie WR (Jamison Crowder-WSH). But it’s not all about the numbers, he is a big and very talented player with the ability to burn almost every cornerback in the league and he is playing in an offense that could boost-up the next season.

Kevin White (Bears): On my first article draft I was putting him behind Lockett and Cooper, but after watching his game tape again I remembered how good he was in college. I was going to put him as my number one, but with his injury and his NFL inexperience I decided to put him behind Amari Cooper, but I have to say that (depending on my WR situation) when the time comes I might grab him before any of this WR on the fantasy draft. Quick scouting notes: Big and physical player, very smooth route runner, unstoppable ball carrier, wins almost every ball with his high-point reception skill and good speed to beat NFL CB. And I love the fact that he will be playing with Alshon Jeffery on the other side of the field.

Tyler Lockett (Seahawks): This kid was the fifth better WR on receiving percentage (targets-reception radio) among WR with at least 20 targets! And he had only 2 drops all season long. He consolidated as the best deep weapon on that Seattle passing offense and showed a lot of explosiveness and rocket-like speed. Another thing that I really like about Lockett is the fact that Marshawn Lynch won’t be playing with the Seahawks and that could lead to a most pass-heavy offense, especially with the great improvement shown by Russell Wilson by the end of the year.

DeVante Parker (Dolphins): He only played the last five games of the fantasy football season, but he made an impact as expected before the 2015 Draft. In four of those games, he received for at least 63 yards and scored twice. He isn’t a physical and strong WR, but he is very long and has a 33 ¼’’ arm length. Parker has a huge reception ratio that allows him to catch almost every pass and get the ball before the defenders have a chance to.

Steffon Diggs (Vikings): This guy had a couple of very good games at the beginning of the season but then he cooled off; however, Diggs is a true play-maker with the ability to make short yardage plays into big plays. We still have to wait the Draft to see if this team wants another WR on that core, because I think there is no doubt Diggs is the best at his position in Minnesota.

I know it could be a lot of discrepancy on this article and I could’ve put guys in like Jamison Crowder, Dorial Green-Beckham, Breshad Perriman or even Devin Funchess, but I think this 5 WR are the safest options going into the 2016 season.


fantasyreaList Writer: Aldo Muriá


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