Top 50 Draft Prospects (10-1)

We all love football and we know not everything is about fantasy, but this information can help in your quest for a fantasy championship. So for the first time in the fantasyreaList history, we present you the Big Board with the Top 50 Draft prospects, made by Draft expert Derek Whoolery owner of National Mock Drafts. Enjoy!

10 – RB-Ezekiel Elliot – Ohio State

10-Ezekiel Elliot

9 – CB-Vernon Hargreaves III – Florida

9-Vernon Hargreaves


8 – DL-DeForest Buckner – Oregon

8-Deforest Buckner

7 – QB-Carson Wentz – NDSU

7-Carson Wentz

6 – QB-Jared Goff – Cal

6-Jared Goff

5 – DE-Joey Bosa – Ohio State

5-Joey Bosa

4 – OT-Ronnie Stanley – Notre Dame

4-Ronnie Stanley

3 – OT-Laremy Tunsil – Ole Miss

3-Laremy Tunsil

2 – OLB-Myles Jack – UCLA

2-Myles Jack

1 – DB-Jalen Ramsey – Florida State

1-Jalen Ramsey


FantasyreaList Guest Writer: Derek Whoolery (National Mock Drafts)


fantasyreaList Writer: Aldo Muriá



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