Scouting WR Michael Floyd for Fantasy Football


Age Height Weight 40 YD Arm Hand Vert Broad Bench
26 6’2’’ 220 lbs. 4.47 sec 32 7/8’’ 9 3/8’’ 36.5’ 122’ 16 reps


2015 stats:

849 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns: 120.9 fantasy points (Standard Leagues/no W17 stats)

Didn’t get a full workload until week 6 due to injury.

Since Week 6:

7 games with 10+ fantasy points

3 games with less than 10 fantasy points

Games watched: W7 vs BAL (59 yards/TD); W10 @ SEA (113 yards/2 TD); W12 vs SF (14 yards); W14 vs MIN (102 yards/TD).

Tale of the tape

Best: He is a big physical wide receiver that seeks to make contact with the defender on almost every play. With his big frame, adequate catching ratio and an outstanding ability to catch the ball in traffic and with a defender all over him, makes the 50-50 balls into 60-40. He is very tough to cover and when the pass goes in his direction, the cornerbacks usually can’t do much to avoid the completion. Is very intelligent and has a good game vision that allows him to find the weak spots especially in zone coverages.

Worst: Floyd does not possess a lot of speed nor quickness and he struggles to get significant separation from the opponent. He can have a bad time when a speedy cornerback can keep up with his physical game. His route running is only average so he has to rely way too much on his physical traits. Sometimes has bad timing and that is one of the reasons why he drops some balls.

Overall: Michael Floyd is a very solid X WR that can play the three WR spots. He has a great nose for the football and the end-zone and uses all his weapons in his favor; even with his lack of route running ability is able to get open in out, corner and comeback routes. Doesn’t matter if he is under double coverage, Floyd can take the ball in the highest point and isn’t afraid of contact.

Frame by frame analysis

So now I’m going to show the best things Floyd does to prove why this guy needs to be considered at least as a Low WR2 in fantasy.

Finding Seams: Has a great vision that gives him a leverage over the defenders, especially in zone coverages.

On this first play he lines up in the slot (it didn’t count because the Cardinals used an illegal formation with three guys on the line of scrimmage) and runs a vertical route, but after ten yards he identifies the hole in the defense and hits it.



He gets behind the cornerback and the strong safety into an empty half-deep-field. After burning almost the whole “Legion of Boom” secondary, catches the ball for a 34-yard reception. As you can see on the next frame, Floyd has three defensive backs chasing him.


On this second play he once again lines up as the slot receiver and runs a vertical route, but then he decides to finish it as a post route after he sees the big hole.



He finds the weak spot from this cover 2 between the linebackers and the safeties. With his ability to find the holes he absolutely beats this Vikings defense.


Once he catches the ball, the nearest defender is 4 yards away.

Physicality, 50-50 balls and spectacular catches: This trait is what I think makes him special and the reason why the defenders have so much troubles covering him.

In the third play, the WR shows great strength to keep the defender away from the ball and giving his QB the best situation possible; plus, he finishes the play with a spectacular reception.


He runs an out route, but uses the cornerback’s tight coverage to, ironically, get open.


Floyd pushes the defender for 5+ yards without getting flagged on offensive pass interference (OPI). Then he disengages and is ready to receive the pass.


In the end he needs to make a dive-catch to complete the pass.



On the fourth and last play displayed here, you’ll see the ability to win on 50-50 balls and making a close-to impossible reception. He is on the left side as the X WR and runs a simple fade route.


On the next image, you can see how Palmer throws the ball when Floyd is still behind the defensive player.


With is great ball skills, the Cardinals WR is able to catch the ball with the Seahawks player all over him and getting the touchdown after dragging his opponent for nearly 5 yards.


As you can see, when he gets the ball in his hands has minimum separation. It was one heck of a throw but still a great reception. And what impresses me the most is this guy’s ability to consistently make this kind of receptions.

Fantasy analysis

This player became the second option for the passing game in the last half of the season, however he has to compete with WR John Brown for snaps and targets. Larry Fitzgerald probably will stay as the slot receiver being a very good PPR option, John Brown is a very different player who has the better chances to get the ball if he uses is lightning speed. Floyd is the best option in the Arizona passing game for fantasy because he will have the big-yard plays and can win in 50-50 balls more often. One of the things that I love about him is that it doesn’t matter against who is playing, he will get into their heads (it was really fun watching CB like Richard Sherman going nuts with the refs asking for OPI).

So Michael Floyd is low-tier WR2 in 10-team leagues and a high WR2 in 12+ team leagues.

fantasyreaList Writer: Aldo Muriá




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