Draft Strategy WR vs RB

It’s that time of year again to get all geared up for the upcoming fantasy season. And that can mean one thing draft time , the most important part of the fantasy season.  This is the time where you need to find the core of your team and try to avoid busts along the way. That being said what is the best draft strategy to maximize your week one lineup? Well there are a few to choose from.


The increasingly popular zero running back strategy in which you compile all the stud receivers/tight ends you can in the early rounds then risk it on some later round running backs. With all the receivers clogging up the first round this year like Antonio brown, Julio and Odell having one of these guys combined with a Jordy Nelson or Mike Evans type could be lethal . This strategy brought me fantasy gold last year where I had 3 stud receivers and Gronk at tight end no one could catch me. In a PPR league or 1/2 PPR this could be the way to lead you to victory.


The early running back strategy where you get some top tier running backs and then go after wide receivers later. I like this strategy ever so much this year with everyone drooling over the first few receivers everyone is forgetting the incredible running backs that are available so you could grab a stud like David Johnson or an Adrian Peterson late first and there’s incredible value there. Not to mention how many receivers there are this year you can easily pick up some studs in rounds 3, 4 and 5 and the waiver wire always has a receiver waiting to break out.
The last strategy to think about using is a balanced approach. Where you try to get one stud at every position you can early and not to load up on just one position. This is a smart approach start with a top 5 either wide out or running back then take the other in the next round and try to build a balanced team with no weakness.
These are the strategies I love for this season, the one thing I can say is do not take a quarterback early this year not one stands out from the pack enough to be worth the selection. One last thing on draft day BE FLEXIBLE just because you go into a draft with a strategy does not mean you can’t change it. It’s all about flow of the draft and if one of your league mates leaves a stud on the board you go and get him.


fantasyreaList Writer: Nick Mahoney


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