Cutting the Fantasy Football Fat

So you’re the commissioner and you have that fun job of renewing your league for the millionth time. You use the same platform, you keep the same settings and invite the same people. For a minute you start to question why your’re commissioner of this boring ass league and whether you should quit fantasy football all together. You probably have better things to do like catching Pokemon.

Fives minutes later, you start to convince yourself that this year is different, the league will be fun again, everyone will love it and be engaged. You’re dead wrong, some people are just not built for this fantasy football life. They aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to research players or even set up a decent line up each week. They even have the nerve to fucking auto draft, which basically giving your league a mini stroke. Yes it won’t kill your league, but will definitely have some negative long term effects.

If you love fantasy football, the worst thing to happen to a league is an owner who gives up or even someone who has no idea what they are doing. You always have that guy who starts 0-3, then totally abandons his team. He’s stops setting up the line up each week, or worst he starts to sabotage the league by dropping or trading away players. I’m talking about this douche bag in your league 

It’s time to CUT THE FAT. They can go to hell for wasting your time and ruining your fun for a game you love. It’s time to get these guys out of your league and maybe out of your life. If they have a good history of being fantasy douche bags then it’s time to go. If they have done some shady trades or player drops… time to go. Forget to set up your line up for more than one week, GTFO. You don’t need them!!! I would rather be in a 10 team competitive fun league than a 12 team one with 2 deadbeats.


If you aren’t that type of commissioner who just boots people out, here are some suggestions to push them the fuck out….

  • Fees – this is the best way to get these guys out. If they don’t care much about it, they sure as hell won’t pay for it. It doesn’t have to be a huge buy in, but enough for them to think about it.

  • Live Draft – you can’t take your league seriously if you don’t have a live draft. You also won’t have serious people if you are still drafting behind your computer at your own homes. If people invest in your league then they will put more effort to winning.

  • Punishment – The loser MUST have a punishment. The punishment must be degrading and embarrassing. It should also be decided by the league winner or the playoff teams. It shouldn’t be soo bad that people are hesitant to rejoin the league, but they should at least be scared.

You need to lay the ground rules in advanced and make sure the rules are enforced. Fantasy football is a huge business, so it shouldn’t be hard replacing any owners that you weed out. Don’t waste time with these guys who have no motivation, no purpose, no love or respect for this wonderful fantasy sport. They don’t deserve your league and don’t deserve you in their lives.


fantasyreaList Writer: Eli Duran


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