Top 10 players to watch in preseason

1. Brock Osweiler, QB Texans


When a QB shows a glimpse of starting QB capabilities, then switches teams, there are going to be some questions. These being asked by not only the fans, but the new team. The Texans aren’t sure exactly what they have in Brock. Because of this, we could see a lot more of Brock than you would usually see from a starting QB in the middle of August.


2. DeMarco Murray, RB Titans


Switching to his third team in 3 seasons, Murray is just a big question mark. After having a historically good season with the Dallas Cowboys in 2014, Murray completely flopped in Philly this past season. Many blamed Chip Kelly and his system, while others say Murray was a product of the Cowboys offensive line. Take him away from Dallas, and he fails. This season should settle the debate on whether or not DeMarco can play outside of Dallas.


3. Lamar Miller, RB Texans


Last year Lamar Miller proved to be a dual threat out of the backfield, burning the Texans in week 7. The Texans, in need of a running back, then signed Miller in free agency. It will be interesting to see the type of work Miller gets, and this preseason should give us a glimpse of what is to come.


4. Coby Fleener, TE Saints


The Saints finally replace  Jimmy Graham. Coby Fleener looks set to have a breakout season. Last year Benjamin Watson had a solid year at TE, but now is the time for the younger, bigger Coby Fleener. He will be a player to watch this preseason.


5. Jimmy Garoppolo, QB Patriots


Garoppolo will be filling in for the man himself, Tom Brady, while he serves his suspension of 4 games. This preseason will give us a strong indication of what we can expect, and if he is worth that late round pick in your fantasy draft.


6. Mark Sanchez, QB Broncos 


The Broncos find themselves in a tough spot. They lost their franchise QB to retirement, and then their future QB to free agency. So they brought in… Drum Roll.. Mark Sanchez! Oh boy. And guess what, he still doesn’t even have the job. He’s competing with Trevor Siemian this preseason, and it will be interesting to watch.


7. Robert Griffin III, QB Browns


We all know the story of RG3. Breakout rookie of the year who couldn’t put it together after a couple year of injury filled seasons. Now he’s with a new team, ready to build off of his early success. But will he? You cannot just forget failure, and who knows if he is still what he was. We will definitely find out soon.


8. Jared Goff, QB Rams


You can’t leave the #1 draft pick off the list, especially when he is playing for a team that recently relocated. Could this year be the year the Rams turn it around? Will Goff be the reason?


9. Melvin Gordon, RB Chargers


Gordon quite obviously lost the battle of rookie running backs last year to Todd Gurley, but that’s not to say it was all his fault. He had a roughed up Oline, a 4-12 team, and injuries. The second year running back will be a player to watch.


10. Colin Kaepernick, QB 49ers 


New coach and a QB competition, that is about as exciting as the preseason gets. Chip Kelly has the perfect system for Colin, but does he still have the arm to start at QB? Time will tell.

fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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