The Chain Reaction

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Preseason in the NFL is supposed to be a time where you shake off the rust and get ready for the upcoming season. In the Fantasy world it’s “Please, God don’t let my players get hurt” season, This preseason has been the fall of the QB. Tony Romo and Teddy Bridgewater both went down with significant injuries. Tony Romo was poised to take the Cowboys to the top of the weak NFC east until he broke a bone in his back. Doctors are saying it’ll be 6-10 weeks until Romo will be able to return to form, I believe at this point in his career he is not going to remain healthy. The Cowboys now turn to promising rookie Dak Prescott to fill the void left by Romo. Yes, I understand he has been on fire this preseason, But let’s curb our expectations of the 4th round rookie. Teams don’t show blitz schemes or even start a lot of their players. I believe this injury increases the value of Ezekiel Elliott; he is going to get every opportunity to showcase his abilities. In 2014 Murry carried the ball 400 times. I think Elliott is going to get close to that work load. Jerry Jones is sick of losing and will do anything to get back to the playoffs even if that means riding his rookie till the wheels fall off. This injury helps Elliott but really puts a question mark on Dez Bryant. He is going to get all the targets he needs but with a unproven rookie QB we don’t know how to guage the chemistry between the two players. I still think Dez will be a top 15 WR because his team is going to trail in a lot of games and they are going to have to play catch up, also he plays in such a bad division that he should produce versus the bad defenses.  

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My heart breaks for the young Teddy Bridgewater. He is coming off of a 11-5 season and a NFC north title. A lot of experts thought that it was going to be a tight race between the Packers and the Vikings to with the North, I still believe this to be true. Teddy’s numbers were very underwhelming in 2015. In the 11 games the Vikings won he averaged only 180 yards through the air, he also had 11 td’s and 7 INT’s. I’m no expert, but those numbers could very well be duplicated with a decent back up QB. This injury doesn’t really effect AP because he gets 20+ carries a game even if Teddy plays. It really helps Jerick Mckinnon. Jerick is the 3rd down and pass catching back for the Vikings. When backup QBs come in they look for short throws to move the chains. I think with the Vikings getting into a lot of 3rd and longs they are going to use Jerick a lot. Not to mention AP is getting long in the tooth and it wouldn’t shock me if he doesn’t play all 16 games.  

fantasyreaList Writer: Leonard Nicoletti



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