Take 3 – RB Battles

The 3 most interesting RB situations to watch week 1.

Thomas Rawls vs. Christine Michael

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As of today Michael is listed ahead of Rawls in the depth chart. Rawls is still battling injury but has lost a lot of steam to Michael in the preseason. Just a few weeks ago, this was Rawls’ backfield and a lock as a top 10 RB. Since Michael had his “awakening,” the Rawls stock has plummeted, and is still moving downward. Keep an eye out for Michael in this game, which could be the start of a full blown running back by committee if he continues to shine like he has in the pre season. If he goes back to the good ol’ “Christine Michael” then Rawls goes back to workhorse once he gets healthy. Rawls owners are in close watch hoping and praying Michael fails like he has in the past.


DeMarco Murray vs. Derrick Henry

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It’s not IF Henry will be the starter, but WHEN. The game on Sunday may give us an indication if that time will be sooner rather than later. If Murray struggles which we have seen in the past, Henry owners could be rewarded early. Murray has looked great this preseason and has out touched Henry, but the gap is much closer than people think. Henry has looked amazing in the preseason and has only brought his fantasy stock higher. At this point, Murray is the guy, but I predict by midseason it will be Henry’s job. This game could tell whether Murray still has it, or if it’s time to unleash the beast.


Latavius Murray vs. DeAndre Washington

Image result for DeAndre Washington

Washington is locked as the number two back and has done it in a fairly convincing way. Murray on the other hand hasn’t had the best preseason and his season last year was anything but spectacular. Murray is still locked as the number one back for now, but the leash is short. The Raiders love Washington and it wouldn’t surprise me if he got in the mix early this season. Murray has to prove that he is an effective back or he can see himself in a RBBC, maybe even in a back up role. If Murray struggles in these first couple games, Washington will be very interesting if he is on the waivers.


fantasyreaList Writer: Eli Duran




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