Fantasy Football Mailbag Week 1

Is Spencer Ware worth starting over a guy like Arian Foster, Ryan Matthews or even Frank Gore? (@Jreinsmith5) (@ilocanoedjun) (@blakebradley14) Unknown.jpeg

Spencer Ware has fallen into a unique, and interesting situation. Jamaal Charles opened a door for him last year when he went down with a knee injury. Ware has taken advantage, and established a pretty good reputation. So, with Charles behind schedule in his rehabilitation, The Chiefs are turning to Spencer Ware to lead their backfield.

It’s not quite that simple though, Charles isn’t officially ruled out, and C. West still looms in KC’s backfield. The good news though, according to Andy Reid is that Charles is a long shot to play week 1, and even if he does, he may play second fiddle to Ware. This is encouraging news and leads us to believe that Ware should have a significant lead role, with Charles and West changing the pace.

If we consider the statements above and Ware’s matchup against the Chargers, Ware looks to be a better start than guys like Foster, Gore, and maybe even Matthews. Though with Matthews it is more of a toss up. If you have Ware, he is an ideal flex, and possible RB2.


Is Tyrod Taylor a good option at QB?  (@saillgaming) (@1lifeofaleo) (@absmitt) 


Tyron Taylor is a topic of debate this season, but I’m not going to get into that right now. We will be discussing his week 1 potential only today. At first glance his matchup looks to be favorable. The Ravens have had a shaky defense for some time and are ranked outside of the top 15.

Taylor is as much of a dual threat as they come, because of this he has a very, very high ceiling. He exceeded 30 fantasy points (standard) in 3 of his last six games before the 2015 season came to a close. If he is hitting his playmakers like Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy, while using his legs, it could be a great start to the NFL season for you, and Tyrod.


Is C.j. Anderson worth starting vs Panthers? (@bobcochrane7) 


Super Bowl 50, the rematch! Tonight the NFL season kicks off and it is going to be another, gritty battle of defense. C.J. Anderson is coming off a rough year, but many are predicting a comeback for him in 2016, and while that may be realistic, week 1 itself could be a different story.

The Panthers defense is still ranked in the top 2, and specializing in run stopping. This to me, makes CJ a very risky start. He does still have a certain potential to put up around 10-12 points, but even that may be a stretch. There are likely better options for you this week. Maybe you scored Spencer Ware, or DeAngelo Williams. These guys in my mind are both better starts than CJ.

If possible, look elsewhere at RB for week 1. If not, pray for a TD and call it a night.


How valuable is Crabtree this week? (@teamcajun32) (@jreinsmith5) (@natmas25)


I’m not sold on Crabtree for the season, but his matchup this week is something I can’t pass up on, Going up against the Saints and their pathetic defense, which is also very banged up. The starters they do have in the secondary will likely be thrown at Amari Cooper, leaving lots of opportunity for Crabtree, who has a history of coming through in these perfect matchup scenarios.

I would start Crabtree this week, especially as a flex. He is another dream flex for week 1.


What do you make of the Lions receiving core? (@lewis_butch) (@T_core15) 


Calvin Johnson retired this past offseason and that left the Lions with some holes to fill. They still aren’t sure who will fill those holes, though they do have candidates. This leads me to believe their will be a major competition for targets early on before everyone settles into their respective roles.

The two most likely to emerge as Stafford’s top targets are Golden Tate and Marvin Jones. Golden Tate has been a nice #2 slot option over the past few years for the Lions, and thats where I think he is best. I think he will end up staying in that role, with Marvin Jones potentially moving into Calvin Johnson’s old role.

Now, obviously we should not expect Calvin Johnson like numbers, but don’t sleep on Marvin Jones, a solid start if you need a flex or potential WR2 in those deeper leagues.


fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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