Take 3 – Fantasy Theft

The 3 players you should be stealing from panicked owners.

Adrian Peterson

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Week 1 Stats: 19 Rushes 31 Yards

AP owners are freakin’ out right now…. defenses will stack the line, his QB sucks, he might be too old. These concerns are actually true for the most part so it’s time to take advantage of this frantic owner. They probably have no idea that AP had a slow start last year; so they’re just looking for a way out NOW. The facts are,  AP always played against stacked boxes, has had horrible QBs most of his career, and is an alien that doesn’t age. Start dangling those guys with decent games like  Matt Forte, Ryan Mathews, or DeMarco Murray. You may have to package them with a player on your bench, but just remember where AP finished last year after a slow start. So console that owner that took AP in the first round and shower them with gifts of 2 mid round picks.


Jarvis Landry

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Week 1 Stats: 7 Receptions 59 Yards

Landry is not a sexy name in the fantasy world so owners some owners may have no hesitation trading him for a cheap price. He didn’t have a horrible game, but this might be the best time to buy him. He played a top defense and put up decent numbers while leading the team in targets. Landry is a stud in PPR and will have a good season if the targets continue. Someone might bite on a player who had a huge week like Willie Snead or Larry Fitzgerald, hopefully that owner is a stat chaser. Maybe add fuel to the fire and talk about how Tannehill sucks and Devante Parker is the real star of that team, maybe that will get them to budge.


Dez Bryant

Week 1 Stats: 1 Receptions 8 Yards

His value will never be lower than this and I guarantee he will never have a worst game. This is a once in a lifetime chance to get a top WR for relatively cheap. There is a slim chance that Romo gets back by week 6, but even without him, Dez will be fine. It will probably still be hard to pry him off the owners hands and you may have to package some mid round picks but it will pay out. I would throw out names like Jordan Matthews, Donte Moncrief packaged with decent RBs. You may have to pay a pretty decent price, but the risk is worth the reward.


fantasyreaList Writer: Eli Duran


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