Mailbag week 2

What’s your take on Brandon Marshall this week?


Last week the Jet’s offense struggled, and they ended up disappointing many fantasy owners in week 1. Brandon Marshall owners more than any. The Jets have a quick turnaround, playing the Bills tonight. The answer to the question though, lies in the numbers.

Starting with Brandon Marshall’s history Vs the Bills in 2015, he had 149 receiving yards ttwotal , and 2 TDs. Averaging out at 74. yards per game, along with 1 TD per game. Last week the Bills allowed Mike Wallace to Gain 91 yards, and score a TD. By the numbers, Marshall looks to be in for a slightly above average Fantasy Football score this week.

It is my opinion that Brandon Marshall will not see the production he had last year, this year. But tonight, @Bills seems like a likely candidate for a breakout game from Marshall. Especially considering that his best game vs the Bills, came on the road last year.


Buy, Sell, or Hold Dez Bryant?


We all knew that when Romo went down, Dez’s value also went down. Though to what extent remains unknown.

After last week, I would be very, very scared if I’m a Bryant owner. This week doesn’t look much better for him on the road vs the Redskins and Josh Norman, I don’t have him as a good start. It is possible, that Dez could score 10+ points in any week though. If this happens, I would be making trade offers immediately. Fill some holes in your lineup, or trade for a more reliable, consistent receiver.

Buying is another story, start making offers ASAP if you are a buyer. You cannot let Dez show improvement before you make offers. Throw some low ball 2 for 1’s out there, many are biting. In fact I traded Abdullah and Fuller (who I just picked up) for Dez Bryant. I was shocked it was accepted, but it just goes to show that some Owners are panicking.

If Dez is your #1, I’d be selling after a decent week. If you already have 2 WRs and have some expendable pieces, Dez is definitely worth a Flex/Bench spot if you get him cheap.


Will Allen Robinson bounce back this week?


Last week we had quite a few star WRs bust. Some have legitimate concern surrounding them, others were just flukes. Allen Robinson in my mind had a fluke week. When you look past his raw fantasy score, you see that he actually had 15 total targets. A number that will light up any fantasy owners eyes. If Arob continues to see that many targets, look out.

Robinson will be playing the San Diego chargers this week, a mediocre defense that should give Arob a good chance to outperform last week, and beyond. I’m not worried about him at all.


Is Will Fuller a safe option at WR?


Will Fuller burst onto the scene last week in Houston with 107 yards and a TD. Outscoring the star WR, DeAndre Hopkins. He has made his case as a WR 2, and I don’t see his role decreasing. Fuller most definitely could continue to see numbers similar too last week if Hopkins continues to see the attention from the secondary that he has been.

Fuller’s matchup this week favors him, he plays KC. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the end zone once again, in week 2.


What are the top defenses owned in less than 50% off leagues?


Philadelphia Eagles – Matchup: Bears – They dominated Cleveland week 1, and look to continue the dominate against a week Chicago team.


Baltimore Ravens – Matchup: Browns – The Browns offense is decimated, while the Ravens defense looks to build off of their success from week 1.


Possible sleeper: Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins – The Redskins were held in check by the Steelers week 1, and they did not look good. While the Cowboys defense surprised many by holding the Giants offense to just 20 points. This could wind up being a low scoring affair.


fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold



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