NFL Fantasy Mailbag Week 3

Adrian Peterson goes down, who can I replace him with? (@The GeneralBear)


The NFL season is a great time of year for so many reasons, but there is always somethng that tries to crash the party. In this case, injuries. It’s happening again guys, the injury bug is back. Danny Woodhead, Adrian Peterson, and Ameer Abdullah to name a few who have been bitten.

Adrian Peterson is out until at least the end of December, with some predicting the end of his career. Terrible, terrible news. But you still have a Fantasy team to manage, and who are the best options to replace AP? First, the obvious is his backup. Jerick McKinnon. Mike Zimmer has said McKinnon will officially be the Vikings starter, with Matt Asiata in the mix. Maybe you weren’t quick enough on the waiver wire and need some other options for the long term.

Shane Vereen – NYG – 13 touches per game, 60 yards per game, possibly stepping into the starting role after Jennings went down last week.

Fozzy Whittaker – CAR – 11 touches per game, 75 yards per game, will be starting in the absence of J. Stewart

Devontae Booker – DEN – High potential to earn more touches. If he performs well, his usage could sky rocket.


Is Dez Bryant back? (@jaypezzy33) (@weinham)


Dez Bryant finally got over 100 receiving yards Sunday against the Redskins. He’s developing some chemistry with the Cowboys rookie QB Dak Prescott. But it really wasn’t all that impressive. With most of Bryant’s catches coming on 15 yard dig routes against a weak zone on the weak side of the defense.

I think Bryant will produce at a decent level, but this is definitely an opportunity to sell, coming off a 100 yard receiving performance. Des Bryant isn’t “back”.  He won’t be until Dak develops, or if Romo is ever healthy. It’s going to be a road of inconsistency for Bryant, and that will cause you to have to make some very tough lineup decisions.


Is Victor Cruz worth adding? Can he be a starter? (@sac2308)


Victor Cruz has quite the comeback story, after being away from football for 685 days, he’s finally back and playing. In his first two games back he has 125 yards and 1 TD, so he is already making an impact.

But is he good enough to start on your fantasy team? It’s possible. Cruz is averaging 6 targets a game, that is enough to produce numbers worthy of a flex. And really, that’s all I think Cruz is right now. A fill in, or a flex. He’s a nice guy to have on your bench no doubt. But he’s more of a by the numbers, matchup based player now.

This week, I can definitely see him as a valuable play and potentially a WR 2 if your weak in that area. Odell will be mirrored by Norman, leaving Shepard and Cruz open.


Bennett or Tamme? (@garycoon1) (@credurtaylor) (@giants316) (@butafli593)


This is a straight up start sit question. I got it so many times, so I had to throw it in here. Gronk may make his return tonight, and if so, I would say Tamme is a no brainer. But what if Gronk sits? I would argue that Tamme is STILL the better start.

Tamme is off to a hot start, Atlanta has a banged up receiving corps and has been relying on him more and more. He averages just over 60 yards per game, and has a TD in his most recent game. But thats not all, he’s going up against the New Orleans Saints in week 3, and if you know anything about the Saints Defense, it’s that there really isn’t much of a secondary. WR’s and TEs usually have big days against these guys.

Tamme is very appealing this week vs NO.


Top Defenses to Stream? (@ilocanoedjun)



  1. Miami Dolphins vs. CLE – Owned in less than 15% of leagues on


2. New York Giants vs. WAS – Owned in less than 15% of leagues on


3. Pittsburgh Steeler @PHI – Owned in less than 50% of Leagues on


fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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