Take 3 – The Hype Train

3 Players that seem great but really aren’t

Charles Sims

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Doug Martin is out and set to miss 3 weeks. Charles Sims has been a great standalone back especially in PPR, so you would think this news is great for Sims owners, who are ready to fire him up as a RB1. Let’s take a closer look at this situation… The next 3 games where Sims is the number one back consists of the LA Rams, Denver Broncos, and Carolina Panthers; then the bye week and boom Doug should be back. That is a brutal schedule for a back up running back, where there is also talks of a possible “split” in carries with Jacquizz Rodgers. I still believe that Sims will get the majority of the work and will have a small boost in production, but the hype behind this is a little too big with what lies ahead. Looks like Doug is “injured” at the right time in the schedule.


Theo Riddick

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Here’ s another RB who’s going to be “the guy” due to injury. Riddick is in a very similar situation as Sims, but he is not as good running as Sims. Riddick is pretty much a one trick pony at this point of his career, and that trick mostly helps people in PPR. Even though Riddick will have a bigger role, I don’t expect him to be much better than he is now. Dwayne Washington will play a bigger role in the offense and wouldn’t I be surprised if he were to take over the Abdullah carries. Also Washington is a big back who will be in for goal-line opportunities. In the first two games Washington had six carries for 32 yards and a TD, so he will have a chance to prove himself and have a role in the offense.


Jerick McKinnon

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The big news of the week is that AP is down and gone for most, if not all, of the fantasy football season. Here comes McKinnon’s big break and owners are already inking him in as a top 10 RB. Of the 3 RBs, he does have the most upside, but we need to slow down a little bit with our expectations. One player that really keeps McKinnon from reaching his full potential is Matt Asiata, who in the past has been the red-zone guy when AP has been out. McKinnon will have a big role in the pass game, but with the emergence of Diggs, and Bradford being a pretty good passer, there won’t be too many dump offs. With all this said, I would take my chances on McKinnon because of his talent and a great defense.


fantasyreaList Writer: Eli Duran


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