NFL Fantasy Mailbag Week 5

Should I start LeGarrette Blount? (@taz1458) (@abernathykooper)


The third leading rusher in the NFL thus far is, LeGarrette Blount. with 352 and 4TDs, Blount has had quite the start to the 2016 season. But can we trust him week 5 with Brady coming back?

Well, let’s look at Blount’s touches when Brady is at QB. When Brady plays, Blount gets on average, 12.7 carries per game. Very middle of the road numbers. When Brady doesn’t play, Blount averages 22 carries per game. The difference is significant, that doesn’t make Blount a terrible start though. He has been the hot hand this season, maybe he is rewarded for that. I see Blount as a 50 Yards and maybe a TD guy with Brady at the helm.

Better options are out there, but if you need him, Blount should suffice this week with around 7-12 points in standard.


Trade away Latavius Murray? Can I trust him? (@b_mitchell_jr) (@joshharrelson) 


Murray isn’t doing a lot with his touches. His best rushing performance being a 59 yard game, it’s a wonder why more people aren’t discussing the Oakland backfield. Murray has managed to keep us distracted by scoring touchdowns often, but it won’t last. Only leading his team in rushing once this season, and receiving less and less carries, with an injury to top it off.

Trade him for sure, especially if in week 5, he finds the end zone(increasing his value). Murray has been disappointing  and isn’t healthy, you cannot trust him.


What in the world is happening to DeAndre Hopkins? Is he worth a start? (@garzaj33)images.jpeg

1 catch, for 4 yards. That is DeAndre’s stat line from a week ago, and owners are nervous because of it.

Hopkins and Osweiler are yet to develop a rapport, and defenses aren’t backing off. The emergence of Will Fuller as the #2 WR was thought to help take some defense off of Hopkins, but it just isn’t happening. Maybe its Osweiler, Maybe its coaching. One thing is for sure, Houston can’t get Hopkins the ball efficiently right now.

Facing the Vikings who dominated Odell Beckham last week, Hopkins is a rough start this week, I would do what you can to sit him.


Would you trade for Jamaal Charles? (@dmg1821)


Jamaal Charles has a bye this week, but when he makes his return next week he could be in for a large workload. It remains to be seen if Charles can get back to being his old self, but I will say, Charles is my favorite RB in the NFL to watch, the combination of Speed, Elusiveness, and the ability to run through you is fun to watch. Kansas City will likely give him full reigns of the backfield very soon, and I like to think he will finish this year as one of the better Fantasy RBs.

For the right price, Charles could be a game changer for your team. It doesn’t go without risk though, as Charles is still coming off of a major injury.


What Happens to the Cardinals WRs with palmer out? (@thegeneralbear)


So far, Stanton has throw for just over 30 yards and 2 INTs. It doesn’t get much better when you look back at Drew Stanton’s stats historically. In 2014 he stepped in for 8 and a half games, he averaged 201.3 ypg, 0.8 TDs per game, and 0.6 INTs per game. 2015 wasn’t much better, with a grand total of 101 yards, 2 TDs, and 2 Ints.

Historically, Stanton struggles to find the end zone, and does not produce enough in the passing game for his WRs to be worthy fantasy starts. I would sit the WRs in ARZ, with Fitzgerald being the only considerable WR.









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