NFL Fantasy Mailbag Week 7

Am I crazy to sit Aaron Rodgers? (@solarzn) (@ethan_lozano30) 


The Dallas Cowboys steam rolled the Packers defense last week, and usually this would make for an epic shoot out. Aaron Rodgers couldn’t do his part though, he was so out of sync and unproductive, that it ended as nearly a blow out.

Many made the observation that Arod is not himself. Even Troy Aikmen making statements regarding his poor play in recent times. This is a sad reality for Fantasy Owners, you might need to look else where at QB. Not every week, but in those tough matchups.

This week Rodgers faces off against the Bears, who have defended the pass fairly well. They have allowed only the 20th most points to QBs. I wouldn’t expect anything gigantic from Rodgers this week, as he has shown no sign of returning to form yet. A guy like Andy Dalton, would be a nice replacement.


Is Ty Montgomery worth starting over a guy like Brandon Marshall, or T.y. Hilton? (@joeycriollo)Unknown-1.jpeg

Ty Montgomery finds himself in an interesting situation, with the top2 running backs in Green Bay sidelined. Ty Montgomery, a WR could get the majority of carries out of the backfield. Be warned, reports are conflicting and some say Don Jackson could end up starting. Though, I see a huge opportunity either way. Fantasy owners should jump at this opportunity. The Packers started to utilize Ty last week against Dallas, but that was only the beginning.

Ty Montgomery should she a fair amount of touches in both the running and passing game, Ty is a nice flex, but I would say he is not worthy of starting over a guy like Hilton.


Is Hunter Henry a starting Fantasy Tight End? (@Juanc_escobar8)


Many teams are able to utilize two Tight Ends in their offensive system, and the Chargers are one of those teams. But now, it seems as though Hunter Henry is taking over the majority of work at Tight End. He has 3 straight games with a TD and 60+ yards, these are really great numbers for a Tight End.

Henry lead the Chargers in catches, targets, and yards last week. He is most definitely a top option at TE heading into a nice matchup against Atlanta.


Should I trade away Antonio Brown? (@2k1nsfan)

Antonio Brown just lost his star QB, and will have to deal with Landry Jones as his pass thrower. On top of that, AB is entering a stretch of extremely tough matchups, which will extend through the end of the season. With these factors in mind, it is extremely tempting to trade away AB, and rightfully so. But finding the right deal will prove to be extremely difficult. As AB is still a very high upside WR, and has the skills to overcome these hurdles.

The reasons for trading away AB are valid, but finding the right offer is rare. Selling low will only hurt you, AB still has significant value. Even if it has decreased.



What is the status of Arian Foster?  (@thegeneralbear)


Jay Ajayi is running away with the the starting job in the Miami Dolphins backfield. what does this mean for RB Arian Foster?

Foster is in the back seat for now, he will play in a complimentary role as long as Ajayi keeps his pace. This situation does leave plenty of room for Foster to take the job, if Ajayi were to slow down. Though, I do not see that happening soon. Foster is a wait and see guy, I would just be stashing him, at best.








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