NFL Fantasy Mailbag week 8

Should I trade for Booker while the price is relatively low? 


Another stud RB has fallen victim to injury, this time it’s CJ Anderson. Initially thought to have torn his ACL, it has been revealed that he in fact did not. Via MRI. But reports continue to contradict each other, and his status is really unclear. If I had to guess, I would say he did not tear his ACL and that he will miss 2-6 weeks. This makes Booker (his replacement) very appealing, and some are even making risky trades for him. I have seen guys like Matt Forte, and Jonathan Stewart offered to Booker owners.

This is risky ask Booker is relatively unproven, though he did have a nice outing last week with 83 yards and a TD. It remains to be seen what he can do in the starting role though. And trading a guy like Matt Forte, who has played well thus far, might just be a case of trying to fix something that isn’t broken.


With Dez Bryant returning, is Cole Beasley still worth starting?


Cole Beasley has been extremely consistent this year, and his production has increased week by week throughout this year. Due in part to the absence of Dez Bryant, one might argue.

I would like to direct you to history, and when you look at it, you see that Beasley’s targets actually increase when Dez Bryant is on the field , Beasley seeing the most of the year in week one with 8. And in recent years the trend is the same, Dez plays, more targets for Beasley. So, if anything, Beasley is a bit more appealing in these upcoming weeks.


Is Latavius Murray still worth starting?


After two weeks of injury and a few weeks of poor play, Murray came back and made his mark. he had 18 carries for 59 yards, and 2 TDS. Fantasy owners will take that every week, and his matchups are favorable in coming weeks.

Murray is definitely worth playing, so long as his touches continue to be above 15 per game, and he is getting goal line carries.


Time to bail on DeAndre Hopkins?


DeAndre Hopkins cannot find a rhythm, with only one 100 yard game this season, the star wide out has had a season to forget thus far. Totaling just 21 points over the past 3 weeks in NFL standard leagues, Hopkins is being sent to the bench across leagues everywhere. Some even dumping him in trades.

It’s not his fault though, in my opinion the blame lies with coaching, and Brock Osweiler. Both factors have failed mightily to incorporate Hopkins into the offense in an effective way, and as a result, their offense has been disastrous. I still have some hope though, and have not completely given up on Hopkins. The team has just got to find a way to get the right people the ball effectively.


Should I pick up Romo? Or will Dak continue starting?

Dak Prescott is on fire in his rookie year, leading Dallas to a 5-1 record. But the biggest question still remains. Who will start when Romo returns?

Romo is back practicing, and he has fully healed from his back injury that he suffered in the preseason. And it appears that if the Cowboys really needed him back, maybe he could have been able to return this week against the Eagles. But, the Cowboys are taking a relatively conservative approach to this and leaving him on the bench.

My personal opinion on the matter, and it has been this way for weeks, is that Dak will determine his own fate against Philly. If he has a stellar performance and gets the W, its his job to lose. A rough night and a loss, and Romo makes his heroic return and the Browns make him look like an all time great, thus Romo keeping the job.








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